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Kerry Elizabeth Rose
A-level student from England- Interesting in Beauty& Fashion
A-level student from England- Interesting in Beauty& Fashion

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Why not having a Marketing Strategy is actually Zara’s best competitive edges
The Inditex owned company has reached a very profitable
position with a 17% increase in its sales figures. Other competitive
fast-fashion retailers like H&M are however, expressing slightly
disappointing figures. In this modern time where marketing is seen ...

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The Best Foundation for Combination Skin
Having a very oily complexion the vast majority of the year, Winter makes for a slight difference for me in the sense that, I'm less oily, with it being mainly in my t-zone. But I also get quite a few dry patches from the cold weather and such, which let's ...

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Updates / Life Currently
Today is going to be a slightly different post to what I would usually put on: but still something that I feel like is very necessary. I just want to share some things that have been going on in my life recently, not only does this help me clear my head and...

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My Trip to NYC
NYC Skyline Since I've been a little inactive on here for a while (due to an array of reasons), I thought to get back into this I would start with a shorter post just to help some inspiration flow, plus I've been planning on doing this ever since I came bac...

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My Trips: Washington D.C
If you're one of those people who love to browse through people's photos of where they've been (like I am!) then here's a great post for you haha. I've compiled a lot of mix and matched photos in this post from  my trip to D.C over the past weekend. I apolo...

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March Favourites
I can't believe it's already the end of March. This month especially seems to have flown by and honestly I'm pretty happy about that because I can't wait for my long awaited two month trip back to the UK. Anyway, I thought I'd finally get around to doing an...

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Beauty Pins: Helpful Tips and Tricks
Does anyone else love scouring pinterest for all of these beauty hacks and tips...No? Just me? Ok well, I love finding random random pins that might turn out to be really useful in the future and to refer back to. So I thought I would share with you some re...

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My Most Reached for Foundations
Foundations are one of my biggest loves when it comes to makeup. I am constantly repurchasing them to find one that is the perfect match for my skin, not just for my tone but to find one that can help me combat my oily, acne prone complexion and hyperpigmen...

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Matte Nude Nails
I was looking through the new editions to the Essie collection, particularly browsing their matte collection because I love the look it gives, but don't own a single one. I found a few really pretty shades like 'Cashmere Matte' and 'Spun In Luxe' which were...

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What I'd Wear to The Cheltenham Races for #ColourMeMarch
This year for ladies day The Cheltenham Racecourse is running a campaign called '#ColourMeMarch' which is all about showing off your colourful choice of what you're wearing to the races. You get the chance to win some prizes by submitting a picture of what ...
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