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Emotional ABCs
The Emotional ABC's is a breakthrough program that boosts children's emotional skills for lifetime success
The Emotional ABC's is a breakthrough program that boosts children's emotional skills for lifetime success


Recent parent reviews of Emotional ABCs:

Holly Dobrzykowski Seghetti 
My 8 yr old loves it!!

Emily Hosler 
I recently bought this set after another rough day emotionally with our 6 year old son who lives life in a big way emotionally...we have three little boys and I would love to have more tools on how to work with them about feelings in a way they can understand. We started the program last night with the DVD. They sat through the whole thing and the next morning actually asked to watch it again! We will start using the workbooks as well. This is a great program! (Mom of 3 boys...6, 4 and 1 year old, and a Family Nurse Practitioner)

Lisa Steichen 
My 4 year old LOVES Moody! He's still learning, but now we have a language we can all use to work through it. We were doing the steps at a party this weekend and impressed the heck out of a child psychologist! smile emoticon

Tina Pelletier 
Bought this for my 7yr old and she was pretty interested. One viewing so far and she's used the technique at least three times! We haven't started on the workbook yet but already there's a clear impact. Anyone looking to further a dialogue about emotions and offer up new tools for handling 'moody' situations would be well served by this system.

Michelle Varnier Garrett 
My kids have really gotten a lot out of this. After a week or so using Emotional ABCs, they both seem better able to communicate their feelings, and pay closer attention to how people around them are feeling. Glad I ordered!

Jacqueline Kunin 
My son is loving the DVD he has watched it 3 times ... We just got it! After the first day watching it he had a great day at school. My son is 6. He has Williams syndrome, sensory processing disorder, severe anxiety and ADHD

Tiffiny Cohen 
Thank You! I just purchased a set for my kiddos. Priceless tools.

Liz Schiefen.
My 4 year old has only watched the video a few times and he's much better at understanding what he's feeling and he calms down much quicker and references the techniques in the video. It's a fairly simple thing but it just clicked with our son. I'm excited to check out the workbooks.

Jena Anderson
I just bought this for my almost 4 year old and she loves it. I think she is still a little young to comprehend the whole thing. But it is definitely helping her. She suffers from severe anxiety and I am hoping that as she understands it more, she will be able to express her feelings and what might be causing them. I would highly recommend this!!

Jenny Slagerman-Hardel 
We just got this in the mail a few days ago. My boys love moody and the video kept their attention. They danced to the cd of music that came with it also smile emoticon the playing cards are easy for my 4 yr old to understand and play. We haven't gotten into the workbooks yet but look easy to use and something that will keep their attention. I definitely see us incorporating this into our life. I bought it bc so my boys can understand their feelings better and hopefully there will be a few less temper tantrums smile emoticon my boys are 4.5, 3 and 1.

Carla Diaz
We just watched the DVD last night. My 6 year old son was a little hesitant at first. But after watching, he was excited to check out the booklets that come with the program. This DVD encourages little ones to talk about feelings and associated body sensations. This is a challenge for my six year old who is emotionally impulsive. It was really touching to see him opening up!

Becky Hunsaker Howlett 
Just got ours yesterday! I watched it once with my 5 year old who I really got it for then again with my 6 and 3 yr old. They already are using it and trying to talk things through! I hear them say pause and rewind! Thanks for this amazing tool!

Lesley Dillon 
It's a wonderful program!! We use it with our 6 and 5 year old and they are learning so much about controlling their emotions and making better choices when strong emotions happen. I am so hopeful that school this year will be better all thanks to Emotional ABCs!

Ammo H Siemsen
 I have five kids 3,3,3,4,6 that all love this program! My youngest was reminding others when they were getting upset today to pause and rewind!

Lacey Olsen 
We got ours last week, so far so good. Surprisingly my 3 year old son is taking to it faster than my 7 year old daughter.

Yvonne Pacheco 
Got this for my granddaughter, wish I had it for my daughter and son at her age

Samantha Sheumaker Roach 
We just got ours. My kids have asked to watch the DVD over and over again. Then tonight I overheard them giving each other a situation. Then I hear them say pause rewind. So far so good.

Rahima Clevers 
My daughter is loving the video! It is helping, she is explaining herself more and doing the breathing exercises. She even decorated some craft pumpkins and asked us to tell her which one we are feeling!!!

Lisa Steichen 
On the way home from preK yesterday, he announced he was mad at home because of something very specific that daddy had done. I noted that he had done a rewind and said let's play. What choices could you make and he surprised me with a very excellent solution to the problem. I told daddy about it and asked about the very specific situation described... It happened weeks ago. It was like something clicked and he finally understood that feeling and what to do about it. THANK YOU EMOTIONAL ABC's!

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Emotional ABC's launches with Pr Web today. Help your child succeed. Give them the gift of lifetime Emotional Skills with Emotional ABC's.

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Emotional ABC's wins Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine.
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