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Ricardo Berdejo
Ingeniero de sistemas amante de hacer páginas web.
Ingeniero de sistemas amante de hacer páginas web.

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Hi there, I'm here with a noob question, but I just only wanna learn. Right now, I'm on Mate desktop but I could see some people install compiz. I'd like to know what's the advantages of doing so. Any tutorial, articles about compiz would be really precipitated. Thank you

Hi, it's me again whit another noob question: so sorry for that. This time I'd like to add to my arch install a nice loading animation like Ubuntu's or Manjaro's but I do not have any idea how to even search it on google. Thank you

Hi. just testing manjaro xfce encountered some issues. I installed it on a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N450 processor and 1G ram and it is so slow. The processor has 100% usage picks; is that ok? I mean, does that processor have support? thank you

hi. I have a question. Why does every time I update my Arch install where there's a new kernel or and update for it I do need to update some exfat related packages in order to make my exfat external HD work again?

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Hi, how are you?

I need some help here. I'm really confused.

thanks in advance

Hi guys, watz up? Im coming here because Im having a problem, well, really dont know if its a problem. I have a headsets to listen to music and  successfully paired and connected them to my laptop but the audio output is just MONO. It is really annoying. Is there a way to make it Stereo? thanks

Hello people. I'm a web developer and I'm trying to install mysql(MariaDb) on my box and I'm having issue with the process. According to the wiki, after install mariadb I have to run "mysql_install_db --user=mysql --basedir=/usr --datadir=/var/lib/mysql". I run with sudo in order to work. After that I'm supposed to enable the service using systemd "sudo systemctl enable mysql.service" and this is the part that is not working. I'm getting a "failed to issue method call: no such file or directory." I cannot enable/start/stop the service. Thank you in advance.

Hi everyone. I just a have a small question here. I'm using MATE DE with plank ( dock/launcher ). I just would like to know if there's a way or plugin that adds more options to the context menu that is displayed on right click on each application icon. Right now there's only keep in dock and close. Actually I'd like one specific option "open new window" for Caja. Thanks in advance

hi everybody, has someone ever installed or used openbox as WM for Mate DE? I'm interested on doing so.

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