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playing with sdr and linux running dump1090 on a old dell mini running linuxmint, listening to the local pd on reg pc with gqrx less then 20 dollars in sdrs not bad considering a scanner was gonna cost over 400 and I can pick up more with the sdrs. One thing I have learned is DesMoines Iowa has shots fired every night :/. living In what I thought was a safe place....

A thought I had is why are people caught doing drive byes not charged with attempted murder for everyone in the area?
instead the police are busy doing "safety checks" 

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anyone know what is causing this ?
this is sdr gqrx using it to scan local police looks to me like someone is jamming the police and fire radios.
the dispatcher was saying she cant hear anyone, so i dont believe its on my end.
got 2 of these cool usb sticks


youtubes new rules

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to create paid content, you must meet these requirements:

You meet the criteria for YouTube partnership.
You have verified your account by phone.
You have an approved AdSense account linked to your YouTube account.
You own a channel with at least 1000 active subscribers.
You are located in one of the eligible locations.

my new rules
all videos are private now :) not like youtube has paid anything in years.
Mine has been on 97 dollars for over 2 years.
Went from getting 100 every few months to 100 in 6 months to it just sitting at 97.......
The views kept climbing the payments went down to the point were it doesnt pay anything but they are still making the same amount. Every one that has videos on youtube should set them to private, they want your content they just dont want to pay for it.
#youtube #youtubefail

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crush smith commented on a post on Blogger.
hum mine are disabled ....... plenty of views
 its not like i have seen money in years anyway.... has been on 97 dollars since i can remember. 

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this is why no one ever talks cant believe how stupid the reporter is to post the names of a witness in a shooting.
simple google search o look the witness home address
#firethereportter #newsfail
here is the reporter info
Male, Age 34
Relatives: Maria Dasilv • Marilyn Dasilva • Jose Dasilva • Karen Dasilva • Roger Dasilva
Locations: Des Moines, IA • Arlington, MA • Corpus Christi, TX • Andover, MA • Missoula, MT

go ahead and send him all the email you want or better yet send it to his boss
Main number: 515-242-3500 

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kinda creepy

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Would be nice if google fiber came to Iowa we are stuck with this.....Monopolies are bad.
"A monopoly is a market containing a single firm that has or is close to total control of the sector."

Mbps download
Mbps upload
Latency: 53 ms
Server: Chicago, IL

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wow the #google + is ugly how do i turn it off
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