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latest screenshot for #desktop #Linuxmint really the only part of conky I am going to use is the Nvidia stats but I went ahead and put everything else on there 
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forgot to show everyone the drivers installed both amd and nvidia and nvidia toolkit 7.0
so I have the latest amd driver
and the latest nvidia driver and latest toolkit
all under linuxmint :)
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+Martin McDonough
was just using it what the nvidia web site said to check it lol good to know though I didnt even think about it :) but fgreb would be correct :)

lspci | fgrep -i nvidia
06:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF110GL [Tesla M2090] (rev a1)
instead of
lspci | grep -i nvidia
06:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF110GL [Tesla M2090] (rev a1)
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well upgraded to #Linuxmint 17.2, usually it only takes about 15 minutes to install linuxmint but after install it had to update it so now its 20 min.
 The reason I ended up having to upgrade
tried installing cuda toolkit. cuda worked fine in blender  but I didnt have the cuda folder in /user/local/cuda  after installing cuda tool kit lost desktop, not really an issue till I tried to fix it. First thing I checked was if I had the folder :) yep its there. Now how to tell mint not to use nvidia but that it should use the amd for the desktop reinstalled amd driver says everything went fine but it was far from fine, A shared library used by both amd and nvidia. would not allow amd to be used as the main gpu, so here is were I made my mistake lol removed the amd driver and nvidia driver then reinstalled the amd driver , failed again shared lib again. Removed driver then --force install oops now it wont uninstall purged all lets start over, fail again ill show it removed mdm.... reinstalled mdm now it starts but the menu isnt there. blah well saved my stuff  downloaded the newest mint :) now to install cuda toolkit and the amd driver.
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Meanwhile in #Iowa
Police say three men assaulted a man with autism because of his developmental disability. 
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Playing a round of #warthunder
this is 190 action unedited tried to record from the replay,
5 kills lol in realistic battles air.
in case you dont know #WarThunder works under linux windows ps4 and even mac free to play best part all platforms play together the way gaming was meant to be.
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come watch a round or two Gaming on linux  with #Warhunder
just setting up streaming to see how it works
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for those following my fails in installing AMD and Nvidia drivers in linuxmint here is the latest this was the program that started the need for cuda_toolkit as you can see it is working and is running on the tesla m2090 so the pc isnt slowing down at all. So here is my cheap setup
amd 8-core
16gb ram
amd hd  6700 (use this for games and desktop)
tesla m2090 (server card has no fan using old xbox fan have yet to post pics but doesnt seem to overheat used mainly for rendering in blender cycles - 6gb card  512 cuda cores ebay - 120 )
hd6700 - latest driver from amd (15.20.1046-x86x86_64)
tesla - latest driver from nvidia (346.89)  and latest toolkit (7.0.28)
all running under LInuxMint 17.2
some ask why even bother with a m2090 simple answer is funds
needed a card with at least 6gb and for the price...
230 Image Match finished, 27 sec used
with a cpu you are looking at an 1/2 hour running all 8 cores max.
now to install mesh lab :)
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+Luke Jones
 here this sums it up
have yet to see him give the finger to amd....

and were are you getting that the drivers are shit?
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ok so today we shall install the latest drivers for both the gpus and also the nvidia toolkit wish me luck :) what the worse that can happen.
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+crush smith​ ok thanks for the update on the situation :)
Looks like it works really well!
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lol only in the us
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that moment when you think something might be wrong.....
#Blender #blendedlearning #blender3d
all I want to do is save it before it crashes :"(
the project is a turtle and I may have went over bored on the details
this was after starting to uv unwrap the pc runs fine so I guess i will wait and see if it snaps out of it.
 Why does Blender only use one core instead of all 8 ?
 Why do I not have more memory?
 Why isnt this done with the gpu ?
and finally why is the world round?
any help?
and yes I can still do things like sculpt with no issues lol meanwhile blender sits there thinking I think.
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+crush smith great! :D
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EXCLUSIVE: Trio assaulted man with autism, police say

Police say three men assaulted a man with autism because of his developmental disability.

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