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Julie Blodgett
Creative Piece

“Bee Needed”
The bees barrel
into the hive
squirming and pushing
their way deep
into the catacombs.

Their pure drive
their boundless energy
endlessly captures my

I hug my knees
closer to my chest
and recline deeply
into my chair.

I focus intently
on just one 
solitary bee
as he heads out
into the unknown.

He has moved forward
do doubts, no hesitation
no obstructions 
in his path.

Certainly I am
not of interest
perched to the side
deep in contemplation.

But I’ve sat
for far too long.
It’s time.  Time for me 
to do my work.

Coaching, cajoling
listening, pushing,
and loving
those close to me.

I, too, belong-
am an integral part
of this grand, crazy 
here and now.

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