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If you can't go to GenCon, have GenCon come to you!

SO! Lock & Load is this weekend - who all is gonna be there? I will be there with tophat on & Legion in tow.

Hey all - is it just me or does it seem like new 13th Age releases have been a little few & far between. Is there anything coming down the pike soon?

Starting to get Teaser fatigue - can 8th Edition just get here already? Can they just release it already?

FENG SHUI 2 GAME TONIGHT! (last one ran in November...)

Hey all - I am looking for a FS2 adventure that was online but now it is gone. Does anyone here have a copy of it. It is called Ride That Dark Loathsome Highway. Thanx in advance :)

Three cheers & a tiger for me & my players! We are FINALLY playing FS2 next Monday!

If Atlas games decided to do a kickstarter to fund new Feng Shui 2 material (campaign, sourcebooks, ANYTHING) would you support it? I'd have to say HELLS YEAH I would support it!

Has anyone out there written up alternative Archtypes or different settings using the FS2 rules (superheroes, cyberpunk, western, etc)?

SO I have a regular D&D campaign on Monday nights but as of late i really want to run FS2 again. Last time I ran it was June of 2016 (!?!). This will not stand. I am seriously considering holding the D&D campaign hostage - "Let me run FS2 or the campaign gets it!"
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