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#Expat  in #London  just showing a little love for my home

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This is pretty epic
       World Biggest flowers Carpet in Brussels
 It is thought to be the biggest carpet of flowers in the world. The bi-annual floral display in Brussels main square involved over 700,000 cut begonias. More than 100 volunteers were needed to create a vibrant tapestry which this year has as its inspiration the colours and patterns of Africa.
YouTube : Biggest carpet of flowers in the world Brussels

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Meat, meat and more meat. I go on a tour of American restaurants in London

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The Olympics arrive in London - no turning back now, here we go!

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Sweet, more free music! #ilovelondon  

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Must watch docu of the summer in my opinion! 

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Walking through London on a weekend you discover 1. There's a market on every corner and 2. London's more connected than the Tube will have you think!

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I made a lot of food - here are some recipes so you can nomz

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Day 3 of the Jubilee mayhem brought me to the old British tradition of having a curry :)
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