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Paula Gamble
Finding my place in life as a Beloved Daughter, fully loved by my Daddy.
Finding my place in life as a Beloved Daughter, fully loved by my Daddy.


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Self-medicating to Survive
I didn't throw up even though I wanted to.  I numbed with food again.  Why is that my go-to when I don’t want to feel?  I lay down and my mind is flooded with memories.  As I acknowledge the true reality of my life, I can understand why I have used food as ...

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Have you ever bared your soul only to get blank stares back?  Or shared your heart with a friend without any feedback?  It's vulnerable to open our souls and let another person have a peek.  We stand there naked, exposed, waiting...  It's unbearable really....

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Finding a Safe Place
Before we can let down our defenses, we have to feel safe.  I didn’t understand this until about a year ago when I first started to open my heart.  After a lifetime of hurts, I was afraid of being hurt again so I walled off my heart.  Behind my impenetrabl...

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Not Forgotten
Everyone has a voice - a story to tell - full of depth, heartache, joy, wisdom, and beauty.  I have allowed fear and shame to tell me that I am not good enough and not worth listening to - that my perspective doesn’t count, but I am so thankful that my Jesu...

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Letting Go
Dear Dad, It’s hard to just let you go, but the reality is that our relationship was never built on love and trust.  I have tried my whole life to earn your love and approval, but you couldn’t give me something that you didn’t have.  I forgive you for that....

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God Rescues Liars and Pretenders Like Me!
I wake up, two-year-old in my face.  I draw him close to snuggle, buried under covers.  He talks to me in only partially comprehensible language, but I cherish the love we share.  He is safe and secure in my love for him.  After a moment, he makes his reque...

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Just BE and REST
Amidst a group of people in a rustic dining hall, I'm invited to a table. Though we only met the day before, there is a commonality we share that connects us in a deeper way.  We talk briefly as two others join in.  The conversation shifts to the great thi...

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Growing into Who I Am - God's Delight
Have you ever been disappointed?  Or started something new and just felt like it was a hopeless cause?  I'm sure we all have these moments, but God sees our efforts and He says, "you are enough."  Really, even if no one notices us and we feel like we are al...

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I am Preapproved - Fully Loved as I am!
I’ve always been afraid of what people think of me.  I mean, if you don’t like me, then there must be something wrong with me !  Thus, I have done everything in my control to put up a good image and be likeable.  Looking good for the approval of others has ...

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Wearing A Smile As A Mask
I smile a lot. Sometimes it means I'm happy. Sometimes excited, but sometimes it's a mask because I'm nervous, afraid to show my true emotions, so I put on my smile to protect myself. I'm afraid of what you might think of me. I'm ashamed of myself. "I'm jus...
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