We’re happy to announce that you can now migrate from an iPhone to your Moto device, directly from the Migrate app on your phone.

All you need is your iCloud account and your Google account, and we’ll take care of migrating your contacts and calendar events to your new Moto X, Moto G, or Droids.

More info here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.motorola.migrate
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Question. Does it migrate your app store purchases? I've been trying to convince this person to switch to Android from their iPhone and the main reason they won't is cos they can't transfer their app store purchases
+George S you would have to contact the developer unfortunately. Only way to transfer your purchases of the developer agrees to it and if the app is even available for Android. 
+George S why should he worry most the apps he paid for are free on android anyways 
This would have been a great marketing ploy for samsung, I could see them gaining over some customers who think they will lose everything if they switch from Apple's ecosystem.
Cool, but I won't be using this. Been using iPhone since 2008
change an iphone for motorola? no thanks!
Yeah you iPhone folks should stay with your toy. We wouldn't want to confuse you with a superior device 
I have both, lolz...use the MOTO X more bc of its features and bc I like only the retina display i have the iPhone +Nicholas Costa 
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