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#FOTD: The technical term for your knee pit is your "popliteal fossa." (discovered when researching difference between sofa & couch)

Dismantling the Xmas tree sucks. Needles infest the floor, wrapping up lights takes a tactician, & it makes January feel like a huge Monday.

My phone's clock says it's 11 past noon. My installed widget says it's 8:38. Every other clock in the house says it 10:51. #WTF 

Oh yeah, uh, hey, by the way, um, Happy Holidays, and stuff.

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Just saw I'm sort of sporting the Student's Schoolwork-Stuffed Semester 'Somniac Scruff. #questionablefashion

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Do you like doctors? How about time? No? Really... hmm, shoot. Well I guess you're missing out on one EPIC blog then...

NEW BLOG POST!!! Where I discuss my take on the new YouTube layout's pros and cons... and make uneducated Zelda jokes.

Thanksgiving w/ @afancymudkip 's family was extremely delicious & fun! Than you so much! \m/_ And now, to work on my 3 projects due Tues. :P

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