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Volkan Kacar
The victor will always be the judged & the vanquished
The victor will always be the judged & the vanquished

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Mother of Mine: Äideistä Parhain
During World War II Finland
fought the Soviet Union twice between the years of 1939 and 1944, forcing more
than 70,000 Finnish children to be evacuated to neutral Sweden to avoid the
conflict. Based on the novel by Heikki Hietamies, Mother of Mine (2005) sh...

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13 Tzameti
A young immigrant roofer Sebastian
(Georges Babluani) is hired to repair the roof of a drug addict (Philippe
Passon) who is also under police surveillance. While slaving away and working
long hours, Sebastian eavesdrops on his employer and overhears a vague...

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Last Ride
In this low key Australian film,
Hugo Weaving plays a farther called Kev who takes his ten year old son Chook (Tom
Russell) on a road trip to explore the vast and beautiful Australian outback.
However the hidden truth is that the father is actually on the r...

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The Way Back
Directed by Peter Weir, The Way Back (2010) shows a desperate
band of Gulag prisoners escape their Siberian captivity and head towards
freedom. However, as the Soviet communist rule spreads, the group soon discover
that the frozen barren woodlands were only...

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Trees Lounge
It hasn’t been a good few weeks
for our no-hoper Tommy (Steve Buscemi). He lost his job and his girlfriend left
him for his best friend who was also his boss. Apart from making a poor effort
looking for a job, Tommy’s life revolves around the neighbourhood ...

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In the confined spaces of an East
London tower block, filmmaker Marc Isaac decides to install himself in an apartment
block lift and film the residents entering and leaving the lift. The simplicity
of this idea not only shows the reaction of the residents b...

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Winter in Wartime: Oorlogswinter
The year is 1945 and Holland is
still under Nazi occupation. During the closing months of World War II, a young
Dutch boy named Michiel (Martijn Lakemeier) finds himself in a quandary when he
discovers a wounded British RAF pilot. Faced with the perplexity ...

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An apocalyptic tale of a flesh-dissolving
virus that has plagued the United States and now has left civilization to turn
on each other.  Two brothers Brain (Chris
Pine) and Danny (Lou Taylor Pucci) and their girlfriends head on a post-apocalyptic road trip ...

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Jackie Chan's Who Am I?
An elite special commando ops
team heads to the jungle of South Africa to kidnap a group of scientists who
are working on a new type of natural compound that has the ability to power a
small town. However, a fraction of this natural material has the explosi...
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