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Amer Izzat

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Mudah kau lafaz sayang umpama melafazkan makan ketika lapar umpama melafazkan sakit ketika perit umpama melafazkan seronok ketika gembira. Tapi pernahkah kau beban dengan kalimah ini? Pernahkah kau melihat siapa aku yang kau kata sayang? Pernahkah kau cuba ...

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Pesta Pantun ✌
This afternoon we had our game @ ACS Seremban. And the game is poem fighting!! Ahaha, we had so much fun even we lost but, to cheer our day, we were brought to the Terminal 1 shopping center and having fun at there. It was very like so ooooo because just me...

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Shock & Proud
Assalamualaikum & hello; Hye there! How's your holiday? Okay first of all I'd like to say "I am very sorry because I've let my blog for a long-none updated". I hope you'll enjoy your holiday! Okay! I am very shock with my chemistry  , biology and add math r...

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Junsuina kawaī
Assalamualaikun & hello; How is yours' day? Sorryfor the long non-updated blog because I am currently busy with school duties and my aunt wedding on 8/3. Huh, very nervous and spiritual, lol. Okay, first of all I'd like to say thanks for whom that always su...

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New work hard!
Assalamualaikum & hello ; What a very super-freezing-cooooooooling day ? I think at the end of January, I'll be one of the model exhibits because I am the first person in this earth that frozen like doll and still alive \ but stay cute, eh! /. Enough with t...

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better and best
Assalamualaikum & hello ; Today is my second day as a form 4 student in my school and I am currently busy for class distribution. I've already apply for science stream including with bio and now, I'm just waiting and waiting and waiting. But actually, I am ...

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I've Been Tagged
Assalamualaikum & hello ; Already 26.12.13 and school holiday will end soon but I'm not ready to work-hard again and all those crazy shits will turn me on * eh -,- *. I hope that next year will be the best year for me * hope!!! *. Okay, this morning I've ju...

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A Very Fresh Start
Assalamualaikum & hello ; Please take a deep breath first as this post will be very very extra-stupidos post ever  Okay, actually I've already made my own to-do list before this holiday end. And yes, the list still unable to be ticked because it was the mos...

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Shine bright like a diamond
Assalamualaikum and hello ; Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah S.W.T because my dream already came true even I can't achieved straight A's. So, here is my result : Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) - A Bahasa Inggeris (English Language) - A Mathematics - A Scie...

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Look at the bright side
Assalamualaikum & hello ; First of all let me scream first! whoaaaaaaaaaaaa Tomorrow my PMR result will be annouced and I'm like pfffffft . I'm getting crazy thinking of it and I think I can't expected much from my result as the exams was very-very-very dif...
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