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Some questions I have on the combat system:

1. What is the significance of attack power?

Everyone online is saying that cp decides battle strength of the Pokemon.

What if Pokemon is high cp but low attack power? And vice versa, hing attack power and low cp?

(I am guessing it should be a combination of both, but am not very clear as to how it works)

2. How many hits i can take depends only on my HP? Or combination of cp and HP?

3. Does the weight and height of the Pokemon have any significance?
(Update: About weight... i wanted to know about the same Pokemon having different weights... I have had for example a pidgey weighing less than a kg and another pidgey weighing 3+ kg (cp has no correlation to weight). Should i keep weight in mind while deciding which Pokemon to transfer to prof willow?

(If you have any additional info or some links please share them)
Thanks! :)

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That makes sense...

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"One of the main concerns is that the biometric measurement is being used as a password or passkey equivalent, rather than a proof-of-identity with a password or PIN then used to authenticate that information."

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I dont know why it isn't showing as a link.. just copy paste the url in your browser.

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Thats the spirit!

[EDIT: updated link]

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