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Stefanie Hartman
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Stefanie Hartman

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Reinvent Yourself, Your Business, Your Products!
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hi stefani i like to chet with you
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Business Trend Expert, ‘Behind the Scenes’ Marketing Strategist, New Revenue Consultant.
Often referred to as “The Game Changer”, International Speaker and Revenue Consultant, Stefanie Hartman is a highly sought after Behind the Scenes Marketing Strategist for highly profitable CEO’s, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, consultants and experts throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.
Bragging rights
Stefanie has taken lessons in almost everything imaginable including golf, tennis, piano, singing, ballet, skating, dancing, acting, ukulele, archery and medieval sword training - although she eventually had to give that up when she was unable to lift the metal sword above her knees. Which was ok, she wasn't crazy about the outfit anyway. She has scuba dived with Tiger sharks without protective gear in Australia. She also dived across the length of a narrow, pitch-black under water caves in Brazil. Stefanie actually slipped on a banana peel by accident once and her favorite saying at the moment is: "I will never listen to reason, as it's only someone else's opinion."
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