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Eric Calvert
Educator, technophile, dog person.
Educator, technophile, dog person.

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Honor Leonard Nimoy by embracing what Spock stood for: logic

Oh, Spock, it was always you. It was you we needed. Captain Kirk and Mr. Sulu and Lt. Uhuru, they were great, but you were the glue that held that iconic TV show and all the movies that followed together.

You were the one who made sense of things. You were the voice of science. Of logic.

You didn’t yell or hurl invectives. You calmly evaluated a wrong-headed idea and rendered judgment: “Highly illogical.”

And you leave us now, just when it seems we need logic the most.

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This issue deserves much more attention than it gets.
For the first time in recent history, a majority of students in U.S. public schools are low-income, according to an analysis of federal data.

ETS is a sponsor of our social-media posts in January.

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Slides from "Beyond Content Delivery: Thinking with the Web" at the 2013 #NAGC  Convention. 

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Dog vs. Shadow

Is it wrong to read "The Last Print Issue" of Newsweek online?

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One of the nation's top quants argues at the Department of Education that remediation toward proficiency is the wrong focus for American schools. Gallup's research suggests that successful people (including teachers and students) focus on finding individual strengths (not deficits) and then invest disproportionate time and energy on developing those strengths to a high level. Busteed says, "The most successful people are NOT 'well rounded,' but their teams are." We should focus on talent development and cultivating what George Siemens calls "connected specialization."

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How much has the suffix "palooza" drifted in our culture? I've spent part of my morning exploring "Education Datapalooza featuring Secretary Arne Duncan."  I wonder if Perry Farrell would be proud of this. 

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My slides for the Ohio Association for Gifted Children Fall Conference on "Linked Leadership: The Role of Technology in Gifted Education Leaders' Approached to Informed Decision Making" #gifted   #oagc2012  

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Slides for Session 1 of "Increasing Engagement: Lessons Gifted Education Can Learn from Social Networks:
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