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Original news and features on American Arabs

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#SaveArabChristians #ArabChristmas #OrthodoxChristmas Arab Americans prepare to celebrate Christmas
About half of Arab Christians celebrate the religious and secular holiday along with most mainstream Christians on Dec. 25, but the other half celebrates Christmas according to the old calendar two weeks later on Jan. 7.

New attack by US Attorney on Rasmea Odeh
U.S. Attorney extends political attack on Rasmea, brings new indictment against the Palestinian American

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#JournalismGiant Pioneering Middle East Magazine publisher dies
One of the most influential journalists who contributed enormously to the understanding of the true facts and issues of the Middle East and the Palestine conflict, passed away this week. Ambassador Andrew Ivy Killgore, a veteran American diplomat moved by the injustices he witnessed to publish the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, died at age 91.

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@RealDonaldTrump Trump putting an end to all that worthless "happy talk" about Middle East peace that has done nothing but make life worse for Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims. Obama was a decent person but he didn't have the toughness to achieve his promises 

#ZalatimoSweets #ArabicSweets Zalatimo offers great tasting Arabic sweets with free serving dish
In 1860, Mohammed Zalatimo opened a small pastry shop in the Old City of the Holy City of Jerusalem, within the ancient Walls of the city surrounded by the world’s most important religious icons including the Roman built Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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If you want to understand why Donald Trump will pen the door to Palestinian freedom, joint he discussion on my Facebook page ...

#StatusQuoNoMore #BuckleYourSeatBelts Here's a prophesy from me. Here's what I see happening:
A lot of people were happy with the "status quo", where Israel could slowly destroy Palestine, steadily build settlements and continue to kill Palestinian civilians with no consequences. They think the answer was Hillary Clinton, Bush, or Barack Obama, the "happy talkers."

I see it differently, more ominously. Donald Trump will provoke a conflict like no one has ever seen. He's doing exactly what needs to be done to start a war and light a fuse to upset the falafel cart. He's appointing extremists who will enrage the Arab World and the Muslim World, and push Palestinians to get up off their hopeful detentes and protest and challenge Israel.
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Fake news vs Biased news in America’s political system
The mainstream news media is pushing stories about how “fake news” on social media helped elect Donald Trump president of the United States, but avoids the real issue of how “fake news” is actually no different than the “biased news” published by the biased, racist and bigoted mainstream American news media. The mainstream media wants to talk about “fake news” to undermine Trump’s credibility but they are desperately trying to avoid talking about their own failed journalism and their biased racist reporting practices.

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#SaveArabChristians New Facebook Group documents killings of Arabs & Middle East Christians. Please support, share

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#ArabsofChicagoland Collection of historical stories on Arab settlement in Chicago including original photos from the 1970s ... check them out

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#Change @Arab_News For me, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is about "change." Which will bring change?
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