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Where I'm At Right Now
Hi, Hello how are you? No really, how are you doing right now? I seriously want to know because I feel like we often go through life without stopping to take a few minutes to really know whats going on in each others lives. Even though we only know each oth...

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The Liebster Award 2.0
So I know I've already done this tag, but 3 people have tagged me since then so I figured I'd give it another go! First off I'd like to thank Erin Charlotte for nominating me, she's so sweet and has the cutest blog, go follow her! If you don't know what the...

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All's Fair in Love & Wardrobe by Stephanie Simons | A Book Review
I’m sitting here writing this amazing review (well I don’t know if the review
is amazing, but the book sure is) on a completely fabulous book in one of the
least fabulous places... the Laundromat. I was contacted by the amazing Stephanie
Simons and asked...

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Baking with an Update!
So this is going to be one of those all over posts. A bit of an update, and a bit of baking. So first for the update! I finally got my phone back so I can start to take pictures for my blog again, but I've been really busy. As I'm sure you all know school i...

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Back to School Wish List | Pt. 2
I know in part 1 of my Back to School Wish List series I said part 2 would be more "school oriented" but then... I got caught up in clothing. I know I'm not the first, and I know I won't be the last. We ladies love our fashion! So if you haven't read lately...

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Back to School Wish List | Pt. 1
So I was on my blog with my cousin the other day and she pointed out that I haven't done a wish list post in quite awhile, and the majority of things on my wish lists were super expensive never-gonna-happen things. So with school just around the corner ew  ...

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Get to Know Me: The Beauty Blogger Tag!
So I was recently tagged to do the Leibster award again by these two lovely bloggers The Beauty Feature and Mazzle . But since I've already done the tag I thought I would do another different one! So this is the Get to Know Me: The Beauty Blogger Tag which ...

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Sephora Haul & Review // Part 2
I am so excited to do this review for you guys! Here we have the Naked Basics palette, now I know this palette has been out for awhile but I only recently decided it was necessary to belong in my collection! Well boy let me tell you I am glad I decided to p...

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Sephora Haul & Review | Part 1
I apologize for for the lack of posts the last week or so, but I've been out of my normal routine so to speak. However, there is a silver lining to this small hiatus! I have been trying a ton of new products and I am here and ready to go with a full set of ...

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My Daily Skincare Routine
I finally feel confident enough in my daily regime to bring you this post. Do I have perfect skin? Hell no. Are there probably other products that would work better or the same on my skin? I think, yes. But I have finally found a ménage à tois that is treat...
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