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Shea Wishard
I am Commander Shepard.
I am Commander Shepard.

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New project from the creator of my favorite game ever. Yes, even more than Ocarina of Time.

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One of my favorite songs performed live by one of my favorite bands. Check them out if you love folk music...or just music.  They've got a charm that makes me want to be a kid again, grow old on the front porch, love deeply, cry, laugh over a glass of whiskey, and do it all again.

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Great and encouraging video!  Cosplay helps me channel not just a character I want to be, but where that character already lives in me.  
Great job and wonderful message <3

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So I've been searching for branch to make into a magical staff for my half-elf druid costume. Now that I've sanded, stained, sealed, and decorated a tree branch from my parents' backyard, behold its majesty.
From Stick to Staff
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<3 my Alma Mater.

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So this happened. And I'm so glad it did.

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