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The music made me do it!!!
The music made me do it!!!

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OMG!!!! This IS Awesome!!!!  Finally, I found the last ever tune I want played at my Funeral!!!!

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Once again Mothers Day has come around in the UK. But now, w2ith the number of Uk residents quitting sugar completely, mainly the older generation, have so far.  Should we now be aware of other, once deemed innocuous  Item we must now made to become more aware of?

Now, after a great deal of thought, research, Deep Conversions heated debates, passionate please and server small children who insisted on throwing toys and other such like auntcle out of their prams

I will begin my first attempt at finding a safe and reasonable method of making this blight to the human this highly addictive narcotic commonly known as Green & Blacks Chocolate. safe for consumption once again...  See picture below...

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A rarity, as so few covers ever do the original any justice, except perhaps this one.. All Hail Derek May!

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This moves me on so many different levels, that I'm too overwhelmed to even try and explain how amazing this moment is for both the band and the lucky fans! The fans at the front didn't have a clue what just hit them...

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An amazing tune, played live, to an already memorised crowd, who have no idea on what's about to hit em! (In Awe)
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