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How can I play the Easter egg game in android 7.0?´╗┐

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Is anyone else having issues trying to preview music in Google play? Every time I click on a song I get a grey triangle with a red exclamation point in it, I've never seen that before. ´╗┐

I got my wife a nexus 5x for Verizon and its only working on WiFi. When not on WiFi she can still make calls and text but can't go on the web, anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Thank you´╗┐

Looking to get new phone on Verizon, and am stuck between the new moto x 3 or the nexus 6, and thought or opinions would be great. Thank you in advance´╗┐

So I am on Verizon and and am ready to get a new phone and stuck between the new moto x3 or the nexus 6. They are about the same price and work for my carrier and was wondering what other people pick are the better buy. Thanks in advance´╗┐

Looking at getting a Chromebook, whats the best options in the $350 and under range?´╗┐

Wondering what the best Chromebook for the price I should get?´╗┐

I really wanna get the nexus 6, especially since its $150 cheaper, but the rumored new nexus' sound interesting. I'm on verizon and am wondering should I just get the N6 or wait and see if the new ones are gonna work on big reds network?´╗┐

Looking at getting a new phone, can't decide between the nexus 6 or lg G4, any advice?´╗┐
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