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Charlie Wilson
Holy cow bait!
Holy cow bait!


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Mac OS X: open apps from the shell
A few example aliases I use for opening URLs in web browsers and previewing images in alias chrome="open -a google\ chrome" alias firefox="open -a firefox" alias safari="open -a safari" alias preview="open -a preview"

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Mac OS X: Enable and disable wifi from the shell
Enable and disable wifi from the shell in Max OS X. networksetup -setairportpower en0 on networksetup -setairportpower en0 off Consider wrapping that in an alias in your .bash_profile or .profile. alias wifion="networksetup -setairportpower en0 on" alias wi...

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Edit remote file over scp with your local vim
Love this. On a lot of customer systems I do not have access to vim or at least not the level of access I prefer. Use your local vim and open the file over scp. Writing the file will upload the new file back to the server. vim scp://user@myserver[:port]//pa...

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Video games for sale. Posting link to pass to friends
Selling/giving away some games and consoles. Link to list below.

On Chrome OS, can you "full screen", "chromeless"? That is, only the web content is shown, the address bar and other items hide.

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Great series. Can watch the full episodes online if you don't have the cable.

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Pruss won.

Google Play Music, search for White Noise. Good for reading and working in a busy cafe.

Who is more skilled at their job. Tiger Woods or the camera person who can find and keep a golf ball framed while in flight.
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