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Digital Strategist & @Drafted_Boy on Twitter!
Digital Strategist & @Drafted_Boy on Twitter!

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Definitely made keeping up to date on must see events a lot easier!

Though Olympics took over our lives, we were able to watch important races when we were out.
In Canada, streaming and checking updates from CTV was easier on my iPad and phone than on the computer, so this definitely makes sense to me.  Bravo for designing great mobile aps instead of making it "second" priority.

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Why +Coco Rocha is the Best Celebrity in Social Media

Lots of "well known" celebrities get props for knowing how to use social media, but few actually understand it and use it well.

+Coco Rocha is definitely one of the few who truly understands how it works.

While this video is short -- it's fun, gives you insight into something that most people do not think about, and shows you that models (or at least +Coco Rocha) works a lot harder than you think. Add in an element of exclusivity (it is an unlisted YouTube video that has only been shared with folks in her social networks) and you've got a formula for success. While it currently only has 301 views, I suspect the numbers will be significantly higher than this very soon.

This is what social media should look like. :)
How many shots does it take to get a cover shot? -

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A nice recap of +Jeremiah Owyang's Third Tuesday chat in Toronto last night. Thanks to +Joseph Thornley for bringing Jeremiah in to share with us!
I was fortunate to to hear +Jeremiah Owyang speak tonight at #3TYYZ - the event did not disappoint! I don't make it out to many speaking occasions, but this was one I could not pass up. I have followed +Jeremiah Owyang for some time and have found all his insights succinct and practical. He knows his audience and can draw from his vast knowledge to deliver great advice. Here are some key insights I took away:

1. There Remain Many Companies who "Have" Social but don't "Get" Social: On average, enterprises (1000+ employees) have 178 social media accounts. WOW, right? And only 25% are "healthy". This truly is an issue - why have an account if you're not going to manage it? I can't fathom why anyone would have thought that was a good idea. Always start with an objective and have purpose for all that you do.

2. Pavlov made a Showing Today - How are You Conditioning Your Consumers? It seems logical that you respond to all comments, particularly the negative ones, so you can quell the emotion - don't leave them hanging, right? There's some truth - but +Jeremiah Owyang shared the insight today that simply responding via social to every comment is conditioning your consumers/audience the wrong way, it teaches them that shouting and using public forums to do so is the RIGHT way to get your attention. Instead, integrate with your existing customer service systems and structures...let's not re-create the wheel.

3. Maslow Never Gets Old: There is a hierarchy to developing social for your business and it is all about foundation - everyone wants self-actualization but getting there is a journey and takes time. Same goes for social - without laying the right foundation, which +Jeremiah Owyang says is about creating structure via objectives, policies, education and access, you are not set up for success. You should not even look to the next levels until you have the foundation right. Foundation, foundation, foundation.

4. Content Strategists are the Next Roles to Emerge in a Big Way: Dipping your toes in social means curating a community and creating content for great engagement, but being reactive is never as good as being proactive, so brands should be thinking about content planning. How do you keep your community engaged? What messages are you trying to deliver? Ultimately, social should be a part of your marketing plan - if you have a communication plan for traditional media channels you should have one outlined for social too.

5. Paid and Earned are Converging: Social starts with earned but +Jeremiah Owyang boldly shared his insight that the best way to reach consumers moving forward will be by paying. That should be no surprise to marketers given all the paid opportunities on Facebook and Twitter. "Likes" alone are a weak affinity; ultimately, social will be just another media channel. +Dave Fleet asked the profound question, "if social goes the predominantly paid route, how long until people tune out?" It's an age old question for marketers that have wrestled with evolving media channels, such as PVR's diluting TV engagement. Social will be another channel where innovation will be critical to winning.

6. Don't Just Survive, Design with the End in Mind: The key to success is to design with the end in mind - act like an advanced company! Set up the right foundation through systems, support & education, and you will be rewarded with great social engagement and feedback.

7. Finally, WHY SOCIAL? Well, why is Facebook worth billions? Because data is power - the power to ultimately predict consumer behaviour and help create better products. Brands need social, and agencies need to learn and be advocates of social, but it's important to do it right. Do it right, and you will be rewarded.

Thanks +Jeremiah Owyang for a great session!

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Seems like funny is becoming a core start-up competency!

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Pintermission -- Honda Campaign Asks Folks to Take a Break from Pinterest and PAYS Them For It

An interesting campaign -- Honda kicks off their involvement with Pinterest by asking people to stop using it for 24 hours.

Here's +Adweek's take --

and their Pinterest account --

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Some staggering numbers - but the concept that Facebook is worth 5x what Google is what is the most stunning.

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What was the most important development in social media in 2011?

With the year coming to an end, I have been asked this question a number of times over the last few days. My answer?

The announcement of the platform changes to Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg on September 22nd at the f8 Developer's Conference was the most important development in social media in 2011. Marketed as the latest iteration of Facebook's Open Graph, it stands to change how the world's biggest online community fundamentally operates.

The addition of seamless sharing -- the ability to automatically add content to your news feed once you have liked a fan or brand page, is game changing.

If done properly, a brand can use a Facebook fan's digital interaction with their brand to drive customized content to the user's social network, in essence creating a personal referral each time they use a service, buy a product or interact with a brand. The first wave of this technology by newspapers - automatically sharing articles that you read on news sites in your feed - has been hugely successful. How brands take advantage of this and how users react will be one of the big stories of 2012.

As for trends for 2012? The rise of the mobile social media will be one of the big changes coming in the new year. While we mostly share in front of our computers in 2011, mobile devices will likely be the primary method of social sharing before the end of 2012 hits.

What do you think are the big trends for 2012?

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Why Lady Gaga is SO Loved — Lady Gaga Posts FREE Song on Facebook for Christmas

It's the little things — like a FREE, UNRELEASED SONG FOR HER FANS as a Christmas present!

Done in one take on her tour bus in Minneapolis, it's a fantastic gesture and demonstrates her innate understanding of viral marketing.

Released just over an hour ago at 3:12 pm, it currently has 23,249 downloads on Soundcloud, 29,383 Facebook Likes, 3,017 shares and 2,743 comments. I suspect we will see these numbers exponentially higher by the end of the holiday season. Since she already has 45,878,670 fans of her Facebook page — it will be interesting to see if this number is affected at all.

Here's the post —

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Wow. This looks like the promised land.

Anyone have any experience in using PhoneGap?
Where has this been all my life?

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Some interesting findings on social media advocacy. Curious if the lift is better on social media versus traditional advocacy programs.
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