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Google+ Original - Verified ✔


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G+ New User Guide: Hints & Tips

I've been on Google+ for almost 3 months now, as one of the first users to enjoy the new social network. Now that Google+ is open to the public, and users are joining everyday, I thought I'd make a easy-to-read user guide to help you guys out.

Tip #1: If you've joined Google+ in the past 2 weeks, you are the people responsible for destroying this social network and ruining the experience for the original members. You are turning Google+ into another Facebook which is just the cancer of the internet, most of the original G+ users came here to get away from Facebook, and people like you, stop following us around, you are unwanted.

So what can you do? You can leave G+, shut down your profile and go enjoy moaning about your miserable life on Facebook.
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So this is Google+ eh?
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