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Spencer Hart
Long-time nerd & SF/ F reader; now a writer.
Long-time nerd & SF/ F reader; now a writer.

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Tonight's sudden writing insight for FIRE IN THE ANDES: Story needs BLACKMAIL. Blackmail needs SECRET.

What is secret? Whose secret is it? Who would be affected by revelation of secret?

And how is this intertwined with the company detective, the dame, and the Nazi war criminal?

OK now I'm getting somewhere!

(Jots down 2 pages of notes...)

Popped a few stories from 1940s Planet Stories into the style analyzer

as a point of comparison:

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I think I found a much better style analyzer based on stuff in Project Gutenberg;

Gives a correlation similar to the image.

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Tested 4 stories, including one from 24 years ago. All came up the same even after clearing cookies.

I do, however, note the lack of any pulp-era authors except Lovecraft and Chandler included in the data for comparative analysis.

Deleting file.

I'd appreciate any feedback on this 5000-word story.

It is a sort of SF, although at first it might appear to be something else.

Any opinions on what genre / subgenre I should be calling this to decide where to submit it?

Thank you.

(Comments enable for the Google doc file)

Hello. I've recently started writing a few SF/F short stories, even managed to sell one.

However, I've got a story I can't quite figure out what genre / subgenre to call it, for future submission / marketing purposes.

Would it be acceptable to post it in the "Request for Critiques" area here and ask for opinions on this, or any other feedback someone might be willing to give?

Thank you.

Deleting File.

I'd appreciate any input on this 5000-word story. I'm calling it sort of an SF story for lack of being able to properly peg it into a genre / subgenre.

Especially any opinions on what genre / subgenre I should be considering it to be, for future submissions / marketing purposes.

Thank you all in advance.

Hello, been lurking in this group a while and wanted to say hi.

I've come back to trying to write after a couple decades away, managed to sell one short story to a magazine.

I've got a story I am having a hard time exactly "classifying" it into a genre or subgenre.

I am really not a big fan of the narrowing of the "genre boundaries" these days, but I'd like to get some input so I can decide where to try to submit it.

Maybe I could post it up for critique and see what folks think?

Thank you.

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“It really was just dumb luck. I’ve never killed an animal with my bare hands. I’m a vegetarian. It was self-defense.”

“I always thought of raccoons as this cute, cuddly forest animal,” she said. “I just will never look at them the same way.”

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Evidence of my failure to resist buying more books enough:

Some of the Perry Rhodan covers lean towards "standing around looking cool" but I think I'll forgive them :)
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