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Spencer Hart (Spencer E. Hart)
"I write adventure stories with a touch of romance & moral order"
"I write adventure stories with a touch of romance & moral order"


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Latest #SF #book #fiction acquisitions have arrived! #pulp

Ray Cummings stuff.

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Rough day on my Dad. My Mom passed away last week.

Picked up the ashes yesterday.

Just remember to be thankful for what times you can spend with friends and family, as you never know if it will come again.

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Going to be a long cold weekend here in the Northeast US.

Luckily this just showed up to fix a glaring gap in my SF reading.

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"Mein Gott!" gasped Neumann. "He built it! The A-24!"

Working my way closer and closer to this bit in the draft.

Maybe I should rewatch some old James Bond movies before continuing...
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Figure I can wrap "Fire in the Andes" up in less than 2000 more words? (most names redacted)

4) raid the secret lair of the McGuffin and foil the opposition's plans;
- discover _ has arrived and is making demands of _; - _ and _ go search for records / plans while Bert and _ keep an eye on _ and _;

- Bert goes to sabotage the rocket fuel dump; - _appears and grabs _and alerts _of intruders; - _ berates Bert while _holds _ reveals his plans to avenge _ _ with _'s rocket and weapons technology;

- _ appears and attacks _, then Bert dives at _, in the confusion of the fighting _ slips away and boards the rocket; - Bert orders _ to get _ and _ out to safety while he is still fighting _;

- Bert and _ have a strenuous brawl, Bert's agile boxing vs. _'s brute strength and wrestling moves; - just as Bert is in a bad situation there is a massive rumble as the roof of the chamber over the rocket opens, _ stumbles and Bert gets free and throws a knockout punch;

5) narrowly escape the resulting fiery catastrophe;
- the rocket engine ignites and the rocket lifts off, this starts a fire in the leaking fuel dump; - Bert barely escapes the facility as it is destroyed by the explosion and makes it outside to be picked up by the _ _; - _ has escaped in the rocket for parts unknown; the mountain is a volcano and erupts as the _ _ flees;

6) have denouement scene with _.
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Matt Ross. Helicopter Pilot. Crash Survivor. Earthman.

- - -

Matt Ross yanked the yoke to starboard. The helicopter began to veer away from the plume of dark volcanic ash towering before him.

"Faster, Matt!" said Dr. Ignasio from the passenger seat. "I think the eruption may be any minute now."

The pilot glanced at the scientist out of the corner of one green eye.

"Don't worry, Doctor, I'll get us back to base ASAP."

Sudden turbulence spun the chopper as a darkness swept up from behind. Matt fought with the yoke to keep the craft steady.

"Hang on!"

Streaking balls of orange fire fell through the cloud, but Matt could still barely see more than a few yards ahead.

He glanced down at his flight instruments.

The compass needle jerked violently from side-to-side, and the GPS had lost signal-lock.

"We're flying blind, Doc!"

"Perhaps it is magnetic emissions from the eruption," Ignasio said.

The helicopter shuddered. Bangs and pops sounded from behind the cockpit.

"Engine stalling!"

As he struggled to keep the chopper flying, Matt glanced up and saw a patch of blue through the ash plume.

″I think it′s the edge of the cloud!″

He aimed the nose in the direction of the gap as the craft lost altitude.

There was a blinding purple flash...
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I've got a scene that apparently has some problems.

Would anybody be willing to take a look at it and offer suggestions?

I'm almost thinking of just condensing it down to a few hundred words of summary instead of showing all the "play-by-play."

This may be verging more on needing some structural editing advice than just copy-editing...
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Here is the opening chapter / section (about 2000 words long) of the story I've been working on in bits for a while now.

I'd appreciate any feedback on: 1) does it engage the reader's interest so they want to see what happens next? ; and 2) I am a little unsure of the last few paragraphs here... do they seem to "work" or is there something I should do to improve them a bit?

(There are some formatting issues with words like "Senor" which I will fix with find/replace when the whole draft is done.)

Than you for any feedback or comments at all.

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