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Spencer Hart (Spencer E. Hart)
"I write adventure stories with a touch of romance & moral order"
"I write adventure stories with a touch of romance & moral order"


Richard has taken a wrong turn in the race around the Moon:

* * *

Richard could only watch helplessly as the mechanical creature moved back towards the silvery wall. The iris opened again, and he trailed behind the thing, floating in the invisible force.

He was moving down a corridor with concave walls. Instead of silver, the corridor was of pure white.

The creature slowed and came to a halt, and turned to face one of the curving walls. Another iris opened, and the creature towed Richard through.

The room was dark, illuminated only by light from the still-open iris.

Richard saw that he was being lowered prone onto the floor. The force still held him motionless.

It became pitch black as the iris closed.

A blinding beam of light dazzled his eyes as another door opened in front of him.

Richard tried to turn his head to avoid the glare, and found that the force around his head and neck had vanished.

He lifted his face and saw a pair of legs approaching. Quite shapely legs...

Richard's gaze followed the slender legs upwards along curved hips, narrow waist, and rounded breasts. Atop a slim neck was a face of perfect smoothness and symmetry; plump lips, a pert nose, and eyes of amber-gold. Delicate ears protruded slightly out from the long straight hair that fell about soft shoulders.

She was, in fact, the most perfectly proportioned woman he had ever laid eyes on.

She was also green.
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If I had known "Mission Stardust" was a Perry Rhodan adaption, I might have gotten to watching it sooner!

#SF #SFF #movies
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Rest of family left on vacation for a week this morning.

One hour's output so far...

Chapter 1

Glancing in the video monitor, Richard saw the blue-green Earth recede behind him.

The sensation of weight pressing him into his acceleration couch vanished as the main engines cut off.

"Pit Control, this is Moonship Ace, over," he spoke into the chin-mike in his helmet.

"Moonship Ace, this is Pit Control. We read you, over," came the reply through his headset.

"MECO completed. How'm I looking so far, Josh? Over"

"Radar indicates nominal trajectory. You're in the groove, Dick. Over."

"Roger that, Pit Control. Status of the competition? Over."

"Landthorpe's ship is still ahead of you by 5000 klicks, but the Ace is closing at one point two klicks per second. You should catch up in about 69 minutes, Dick."

"Catch up like hell," Richard snapped into his mike, "I'm going to beat that pretty-boy to the Moon and wave at him on my way back!"

"That's the spirit, champ," came Josh's mellow tones, "That fifty million is as good as ours already."

"The prize money's nice, Josh, but you know the real reason I want to leave Landthorpe eating my ions. Steal my girl, will he?"

"Linda signed on as Landthorpe's manager after you came in fourth last season. I always told you mixing business and pleasure was a mistake in this sport."

"Hey, whose side you on here? Thought you were supposed to keep me motivated. Anyway, after I smoke pretty-boy with this new thruster I bet she'll come crawling back to me."

"Oh you'll smoke him all right. Best we can tell he's running the same setup as last race. Over."

Richard took a deep breath before answering.

"Roger that, Pit Control. Moonship Ace, over and out."

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"Hey we thought this was a gun-free zone!"
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Logan-5 on Barsoom?

Or is it John Carter vs. The Sandmen?

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Sanderson story box structure

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Watched some lectures on story structure today:

MICE / MACE story elements
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TFW you finally figure out what that old SF movie you barely remembered from your childhood was... and it turns out to be an incomprehensible stinker.
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What, no mention of the "necklacing?"

So fanatical even her fellow Commies unpersoned her...
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