For those of you who missed Google earnings, we showcased the positive momentum with +Google Enterprise and the impact its having for our customers. 7 new products for enterprise customers - Vault (archiving and message discovery), Drive (10M users), BigQuery, Compute Engine, Maps Coordinate, Chromebooks/Chromebox, Quickoffice A lot more is coming soon. Thanks to our enterprise customers for their support. The movement from Desktop to Web as a platform is well under way.

+Nikesh Arora comments on Enterprise during Google earnings call

"As a third theme, I want to specifically acknowledge the success of our enterprise business.  

It’s become clear that we now have another serious growth engine for Google.  I hope you read this week about a company who said the competition was 50% more expensive than Google, and "not as cool". That company  is now a $200,000 a year Google Apps customer.

Companies, schools and government organizations are moving to the cloud faster than ever. More than 5 million businesses have now “gone Google” worldwide, with traction among large organizations such as the U.S. Department of the Interior and Fairfax Media in Australia. 

You can’t fake a commitment to cloud computing and we’ve invested to build and scale a business that has gone from upstart to upper crust.  Thousands of businesses switch to Google Apps from our competitors every day.  Recent launches like Google Drive, Google Maps Coordinate, as well as the ability to edit documents offline and on a range of mobile devices and tablets —show the pace of innovation that Google brings to business technology.  With over 1 million active applications on App Engine and the recent launch of Compute Engine, our Cloud Platform makes Google's infrastructure directly available to developers and businesses. "
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