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What not fully Happened today?
              Actually, for this post, I am going to talk about what happened today but not all of them cuz apparently, I feel tired and sleepy. Well. let's just continue the topic. Today, my brother and I skipped school because we were late and it was all ...

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My opinion against 2017
           Good afternoon or perhaps evening guys!!! How was your year? Is it fun or bad? With just a blink, a brand new year came. Honestly, I am not pretty sure about what will happen this year and I don't think that this year will interest me because thi...

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Sup, guys!! This is my first post for this year. I am gonna talk about 'Relationship'. There are three types of relationship. The first one is Love, the second one is Friendship and last but not least is Family.      Love is not that important relationship....

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Never give up!!
Hey Guys!! Let's just start what i'm going to talk about. Lots of people gives up in their life just because no one likes them, someone dumped them and many other things. FYI or as you know, i'm one of them. The first one. I kept on thinking about people do...

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Hello peeps! How are you these days? I'm fine as always. Got no idea what to talk about. But, today i am going to talk about... Well actually, i am going to write about date.. I know all of you or maybe some of you are dating with your partner, eh? Well, al...

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PT3 Result!!
Hello guys!! It's been a long time since i blogged and right now it feels weird because i'm starting it over all of a sudden. I want to talk about my PT3 result and it's just a couple of weeks left. Just imagining how i take the result makes my heart almost...

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Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year, Everyone! May God bless us all!! Can't believe i'm 15 this year. I hope i can get great marks and proof to all people out there. Can't wait to start a new beginning in 2015!! You guys must be really excited to begin a new year, right? There'...

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Final Exam
Hey guys. It's been along time i didn't post because i don't have any idea what to post. Well, today i'm going to talk about my final exam. Actually my Final Exam had past but i wanna talk about how i felt that time. I felt scared because i didn't do some r...

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i hope i get a good marks in IQ test

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English :D
Hey peeps!! English is one of my favorite subject in school. I like English since i'm 10 or 11. Actually English sometimes easy but sometimes its hard to pronounce it and write some essay. Well,i love English but i am bad to make sentences because i'm Malay...
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