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Brother Ollie
poet, trucker, singer, guitar playing monk
poet, trucker, singer, guitar playing monk

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sharing warmth and the red light glow cast by our "hobo stick fire" oh and big laughs every time Tommy tried to talk or tell a story without cursing just a cold night clinking colder bottles singing Hip lyrics  loud our secret Canadian handshake these words...

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june prayer
i) sweeping up the last few scattered bits of sawdust sunbeam motes spin ii) wide stance    bracing pulling up deep muddy logs clearing a tiny rivulet path Brother Ollie - the Tired Monk

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prayer - 8
no gusts no bursts of cold wind sleet just an unwavering wall of Arctic air the tired monk banks the fire up lights another lamp

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prayer - 7
the tried monk becomes aware of basement noise not the skittering of mice this time just the soft sweet singing of the novices a gentle happy sound coming up through the vents

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prayer - 6
the old coleman stove pops to life the tired monk pulls his toque down huddles  waits for the heat to build a gust drops a skiff of snow down over bowed head

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prayer - 5
sun sets just a dash of warm colour through the forest cold seeps in slow and steady temple dogs snuggles in deeper the tried monk lights the hearth flame

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prayer - 4
early Christmas baby too new to this world labouring in this cold day light tuck her up tight cradled behind this guitar neck as gentle chords ring

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prayer - 3
walking  - some would say trudging down the forest valley path light snow dusted robes white bended boughs a monk on bended knee offering winter prayers

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prayer - 2
a few more steps crunching through the cold layers deep ice and snow pause  - pray enfolded deep in bending hemlock boughs offering a moment not asking no only abiding

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prayer - 1
smoke clings to these old robes wafts of incense and prayers
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