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Just got my Amy edits back. My original story of 981 words had ballooned to 1367 words before sending it off to her; the final word count after taking her advice into account came to 1368 words. Granted, I deleted whole paragraphs and added new ones, so they aren't the same words...all around, some great advice that I think makes the story a lot stronger mixed in with a few grammatical issues that I somehow overlooked on my previous passes.

Now for the real test; emailing it to my wife (who has not read The Dream Engine) to see if it makes any sense to her. (Wish me luck!)

So...looking at the unboxer's pack, turns out that the only thing in there that I didn't have already was the third dark crossings collection (which is in the dark crossings omnibus.)

Uploaded my story - final word count is 981 words (984 if you add the title, haha.) 

Not sure if it's going to be too dependent on folks being a little more familiar with the topography of Waldron's Gate and Pavilion and how the Blunderbuss works for it to make sense, as I don't explain any of that, but I guess I'll find out in peer edits.

I'm a wee bit behind on my story - got it fleshed out and will have it finished and edited this week, but pneumonia has had me discombombulated for a few weeks. Two quick questions for continuity if anybody knows or has ideas:

What's the process for folks to appear w/o memories in Pavilion? I know it was mentioned that it happens, has anybody actually come up with a method? (In my current version, I have the guy passing out drunk as he's dragged off by some strangers, only to wake up down below w/no memories.)

What's the process for the guards to slay the monsters in the fog? Do they just kill what comes near/out of the edge, or do they go into the fog to kill them each night? The world docs don't say; my thoughts from reading the Dream Engine and listening to story meetings made it seem nobody went in (other than Eila and company obviously) but the world doc says they go "out each night and slays the monsters most recently born."

Any thoughts or how anybody else is handling for similarities between stories is appreciated (if I make changes, both will be cosmetic to my story)


Yay! Dream Engine audiobook and Scrivener world docs just arrived in my inbox...

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Haven't bought Scrivener yet? It's the best application I've found for writing, editing or research so far, and for the next week is on sale for $20 (less than half the normal price) at Stack Social. I highly recommend it and have been using it for a few years now.
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