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Great ruling! Read, read, read the article :-)!

Quotes from the text:

" 'I'm very pleased with the judgment of the court; it was what we were hoping for and what we were anticipating,' Grand Chief Stan Louttit said in an interview. 'It's a good ruling not only for Attawapiskat, but for other First Nations across the country.' "

"Attawapiskat's chief, Teresa Spence, told CBC's Sudbury station that the positive decision shocked her, because she said the media portrayed her community in such a negative light that she had almost given up hope that it would win in court.
'I think it will be an eye-opener for everybody,' she said. Spence said the court decision backs up what her council has said all along: that it hadn't done anything wrong."

"Justice Michael Phelan writes that it wouldn't be right to call officials insensitive or uncaring about the situation in Attawapiskat, which he also called "an embarrassment" in a country as rich and generous as Canada. But he wrote that there "seems to have been a lack of understanding" of the community's actual needs and there was "an intention on the part of the officials to be seen to be doing something."

Okay, and now me speaking again:

Wow ... this "lack of understanding" of the community's actual needs makes me think that Canadian officials are in dire need of very VERY thick glasses, as they seem to be blind as bats!

Me, I live in Germany, and even from way over here, I could see in all due clearance how massively pressing the situation was for Attawapiskat, and that there was help needed on the spot, but not shirking back by continued bureaucratic stalling and unjustified finger pointing!

This whole thing turned out brilliantly in favour of the First Nations, and the Canadian government should save themselves any more embarrassment ... seriously!

They are in the mud up to their ears already. Better try to clean of of the smudge off now, by taking really supportive acting and helping people who are NOT second-class citizens of one of the richest countries in the world!
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Please check out this petition and find it in your heart to sign it. I mean it.

A massive travesty of justice in a case against a juvenile needs to be stopped finally, and only massive attention and pressure will help break open the distorted, fraudulent and unfair-to-the-core practice of a law system that is about to crush an innocent victim.

If you learn just a little bit more about the trial against James, you will think this is a crime movie with a plot that is so jam-packed with everything that is wrong and unbelievable and solely aiming to let an innocent person go down, that you'd say: This a bad script, being the base for a bad movie - overdone and rotten and not worth watching.

You know what?

It's NOT a movie.
It's not a fictional story about fictional characters.
It's reality.
Life-threatening reality for the young person who is being judged here, based on nothing, nourished by made-up evidence, lies, dangerous threats and cover-ups.

Please help, by signing this petition, to save a life.

And learn more about James' case in the entries of this blog:

Thanks. I mean it.
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A cool collab of four aspiring talented and inspired musicians, covering a classic: 

Kate Brady
Djayvoyn X
Austin Hernandez

Hope you enjoy! And if you like, you could support those artists over at a contest at ArtistSignal - I put in the link to each of their respective pages here, too.

Caleb, Kate Brady, Djayvoyn X & Austin Hernandez - Stand by Me (Cover) Ben E. King
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“Hello everybody, my name is Wes Prankard. For the past three years I have been trying to bridge the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children. (...)
"What I’ve been doing for the past three years is not charity (...) It’s justice. It’s making something right that should have been done.”
-- Wesley Prankard, 14 years old, campaigner on behalf of Canadian First Nations kids and founder of Northern Starfish

Read this amazing article - it'll be worth your while!

Wesley's website:
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I dare you.
I dare yo to listen to a song, and to watch a video.
I dare you to watch it from the beginning to the very end.
Won't be easy. Still:
I dare you.

Did you make it through?
Well, then I dare you to do something else:

Do what's right. Thank you.

You were saying ...?
You think this doesn't affect you, or that there is no reason to bring about massive changes about international weapon sales - a field of our world's economy that will always lead to people suffering and dying, and keeps the weapon industry make billions of dollars, paid by blood, pain, loss and grief?

Let me be blunt:
How dare you!
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Check out Quinn, Jan and Liam, better known as The Dubé Brothers!

I got to know them via Kids Are Heroes ( a long while ago and have become a fan of their music (because wow, they are really GOOD!), and I admire their charity work by raising more than $150K of funds for the earthquake victims in Haiti.

But composing, playing and recording solid rock music, busking, publishing their first album (and working on the second one!) plus raising funds and awareness for the people in Haiti is not all that these creative and compassionate teenage brothers do. To learn more abut them, watch this short, but awesome video - it's definitely worth your time!
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This is an ugent and serious call for help.

Please read, and consider if you can help. You can find lots off additional information in prior postings of Dan Dailey's blog

Thanks a lot.

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The traumatizing and massively painful experiences of First Nations children being taken away from their families, yanked out from their communities and being placed in white-men "boarding schools" during the 19th and far into the 20th century (in order to "civilize" them!) is a shameful and brutally inhuman part of American history. 

The declared goal of this campaign "was 'Kill the Indian…save the man,' as noted in an 1892 Denver speech by Col. Richard H Pratt, founder of the U.S. Training and Industrial School at Carlisle Barracks, Pa. In short, demolish Indians by literally stealing their children."

And for the children, this meant being separated and cut off from their families, their culture, their heritage and their religion, being victim to daily physical, mental and also sexual abuse in countless cases over many decades.

The thing is: It is still happening today - in South Dakota, for example, even though the last boarding school was closed quite some time ago. The outrage works in ways of placing First Nations kids in foster care with white families, in most cases for the fuzziest of reasons, and preferring white foster families even if First Nations foster families are available.

The reason? Money.

"South Dakota receives thousands of dollars from the feds for every child it takes from a family, and typically gets more money if a child is Indian."

"Nobody is suggesting that the foster-care system in South Dakota is treating Indian children the way the boarding schools did back, in Carter's words, in the 'bad old days.' Or that children are being snatched in quite the same way that the churches did decades ago. But many of today's Indian foster-kids are still losing their culture and the connection to their heritage."

Read this article and check out the links in it - and educate yourself about a dark chapter in American history. It's time to learn from this history, and finally put an end to the outrage done by officials who are not held accountable and who are not being stopped.

"There is a law against what's being done. It's just not being enforced. A good deal of the reason for that is because the centuries-long efforts to make Indians disappear, to make us invisible, has succeeded. Our political clout in such matters, even in places where we can still be found in substantial numbers, is next to zero. The 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act appears to us to be just another ignored bit of paper, like hundreds of treaties, and nobody official is doing squat about it. When it comes to invisible Indians who enforces the enforcers?"
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The video reacted to here can be watched at

"The Apostolic Truth Tabernacle is in Greensburg, Indiana. That’s the town where [15 year old] Billy Lucas was bullied to death for being perceived to be gay by his classmates. I wonder if they stood up and cheered at Apostolic Truth Tabernacle when Lucas died—hey, another homo in hell. I wonder if any of Lucas’s tormenters attend services at Apostolic Truth Tabernacle."
--Dan Savage, Founder of the IT GETS BETTER campaign

Read more:
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