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I should probably be doing something work-related.

Data provided by Google Search. Special thanks to +Paul Allen.

I'll be posting more of these as we hit more milestones.

EDIT: 20mil graph up now at
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What are the latest figures? has growth slowed down since those initial 16 days?
+John Stock I'd be surprised if it eventually did not, given that holiday time is basically here. But AFAIK we already doubled the figure, thus so far the answer is no, it's still going on.
More interesting will be 100 million users chart...
+John Stock I read 18 million yesterday, and a growth rate of around 750k - 1mil per day. Most likely the 20 mil mark has either already been passed, or will be today or tomorrow.
So much for a "limited field test."
yan di
my god!
Not the same context. Google+ use the popularity of google which facebook didn't. Time to reach 500million users will be more interesting
G+ is still not great though. Quick start + poor usability = problems.

Usability is key. Why do I have to go to the detail screen to +1 a post? Duh.
Why can't I do all functions from iPad? Is this to spite apple users?
Why not let me tag users without forcing the circle metaphor on the desktop?

I'm a google fan but I'm not happy. 
unbelievable acceleration by Google +:)
Why can't I +1 this post from the photo?
Why can't you +1 photos at all?

Why can't I +1 a comment?

This should be easy.
Facebook has had it forever.

G+ feels a lot like Buzz did IMO. Nice but a bit off-target. = problem
+James grainger Ideas are a dime a dozen. Delivering is the key. 
+Daniel Endy : You can +1 a comment. Simply hoover your mouse over the comment you want to +1; a +1 button will appear next to the timestamp. Then you simply click it, and your good to go!
Not the same Paul Allen. This one is the founder of and he posts a lot of interesting statistical data, especially on the various aspects of g+. Make sure to follow him!
+Leon Håland this chart shows us, that G+ is an impressive and groundbreaking social media platform. Thanks
It doesn't shock me. But I think more techie people will be the ones who use it
On the other hand, google+ comes when everyone already knows what social networks are. Facebook created them (well, more or less).
Yeah but social networks are a norm now where as Facebook and twitter were exploratory, and Google already has a huge user base to pull from.
Good work. I would be interested in newer figures. The total user base of 10m was already reported a week ago - has the growth slowed down now?
Nice chart, shared :) I hope you don't mind that I also shared that to Facebook ;-)
+James grainger Get an iPad and you will understand. Social is more about mobile than desktop. IMO. 
That means nothing. T and F was starting from zip. G+ is starting as the project of a marketing behemoth.
wow! is it goin to level out?
wow, echt stark, und erfolgreich...
Google+ had several advantages for its start: A giant corporate mother, people who were ready and waiting for it and a tootally different social media environment. The question is: Will it ever be more popular than facebook?
I wonder, what would the plot for Wave look like? (I mean, just out of interest. I think G+ will be a success, unlike Wave.)
RIP MySpace. You were already dead to me & everyone else anyway.
it might be a good start, but it's too early to judge. usability is the key. :)
google+ had a few advantages when it started, comparing to both twitter and facebook. first of all, google+ is a success because twitter and facebook already existed. people want to see what the new social network looks like, as they want an alternative to facebook. facebook had to reach that number without hype and ads. second advantage is that google is a giant and everybody has heard of it. no wonder than that people want to see what their new product looks like. having said that, google+ is a success mostly because it works. even with those few kinks and a beta-feel to it, it works! i think the great question is: will it continue to impress? at some point, they will have to add ads. how will the ui look like then? facebook is all cluttered and ugly, but it wasn't like that in the beginning.
Is this active users or just registered accounts? I believe FB atleast reports on active users not registered accounts so the comparison might be more difficult.
well i was using buzz since day one. the problem with buzz is that it was way to similar to twitter and people are generally quite happy with twitter. not so with facebook these days. that was my point.
Launch conditions were entirely different - still impressive, though.
+Stb Hernandez I don't see that many average joes around here. For the time being, it is only us average geeks who got invited. That was also my question: will Google+ continue to impress? Will the average joe see the difference? We don't know yet I think.
To speak in a simple manner, I like how Google have the steep line.
Would anyone here say that a contributing factor to google+ getting as many users as it has now in less than a month is that social media 700 plus days ago really wasn't in the mindset of a lot of people? Three years ago you did not hear twitter, Facebook, share my status online etc
It's pretty obvious when you look at it and has nothing to do with quality - the only contributors to G+'s rapid rise in numbers are a) the unfathomable marketing hype they crafted around it and b) the fact that the world was already largely "socially online" and sick of the old players. Every new toy gets boring, and FB is one run down teddy bear if I ever saw one. Twitter.. meh.. I don't even consider that a toy. More like a .. a wet turd shaped like an action figure or something.
the next big thing in social media.. I would say it will be Google+
well, i think you cant really compare....
users on google+ are the same in facebook and twitter....beeing an user doesnt mean beeing an active user
the question is, what does it means to be an active user?
Good start, now wait and see how long it will take for G+ to reach the same number of profiles than faceook has ;)
G+ has the might of google behind it and the hyoe of facebook and twitter ..... really interesting viewing though.... and time we got away from the 90% male population on g+ too ;)
doubtful statistics... when FB and twitter projects have been opened users were not ready for such kind of services, G+ came to a set table =)
+Leon Håland Excellent visualisation! A comment on my re-share of this was that FB was a closed network for the early part of it's life therefore it's an unfair comparison. Could you tell us whether you used the very start (Harvard only) of FB or the public release (Sept 2006) as the starting point for FB?
Awesome. Probably need to include Buzz there - to keep it in contrast.
Fantastic, especially when you think that G+ hits 20 million this week
Problem with this visualization is that Facebook and twitter required sign-ups, Most G+ users are already Google account holders, so it's just a simple opt-in. Not really comparable?
That's obvious. Google+ is open to almost all the gmail users. And they are the giants of the web already, unlike Twitter and Facebook.
This is a better mousetrap. Facebook was compared to Myspace. The difference now is the user base is educated. 
Where is the graph with 20 Million Users :D
I teach digital literacy (and internet safety) to parents here in the States... may I use your graphic in one of my presentations (with proper credit of course)?
Irony is that Twitter and FB responsible for Google + growth since that's where people heard about it (including me). Don't think FB will die as it has many folks who would never use any other social network. It'd take a lot for them to move and adopt another.
We should consider that Google have used its user database to leverage the growth, different from Facebook and Twitter.
Great numbers! But, I think Facebook and Twitter took longer because they were completely new in the Social Networking world and people were still trying to know what to make of each.
The road was well paved for Google+. I'd love to see similar graph on Wave. At least the 10m->0 was pretty quick hehe (i miss Wave, weep)
Veamos el gráfico de los 20 millones!
Awesome... but don't forget that Facebook and Twitter started from nowhere. How many gmail users at the end of june?
Well it is only the first 10 million. Let's wait what happens on G+'s way to 100 million or even 500 million. Google has the "unfair advantage" of having an incredible reach from the start, which Facebook did not have. So FB and TW growth is still very impressive. I do hope for G+ to continue this upward climb for some more time, but we will very likely see the curce take a sharp move to the right way before they reach the 100 million mark.
you guys are getting trolled, Facebook is clearly in the lead here.
I would say when Facebook was introduced there no major interest and awareness about this social networking but Facebook brought the interest to everyone that is the main reason growth of google+zzz 
Yet I still feel a bit like the first person with a telephone. 
Thats all because easy intergration between all things google,l: gmail picasa youtube google docs... Some one switchto gmail from yahoo because it was so easy too have all of those thats why to get google plus was such a snap of two fingers
90s called. It wants its eye ball/email count measure back.

Seriously, isn't this just a pissing contest? What is the measure of strength of network? Propensity of its users to make purchases? Number of times they come back? Amount of information they get using this as primary source?
This is fucking ridiculous, 800 odd days to hit 10mill... If I remember correctly, a significant amount of that it was exclusively used for universities, not allowing normal people to register? Surely actual statistic should show not from launch, but from the day it when live worldwide? Let me see those figures and I bet it is a hugely different story...
10 millions dudes... No bueno...
10 millions dudes and no chics? G+ it's kind of a gay community or something? hahahaha
Awesome! Bur unfortunately 9,995,000 were dudes. +epicsausagefest
Number of items (messages, images, etc.) posted would be a better success indicator than number of users.
Early technology adopters are predominantly male for pretty much anything. What's your point
Wait, I thought this was exclusive! Just kidding -- great chart. 
It would be difficult to shift entirely from FB and active on two my god
Interesting... although I wonder how much users did Buzz and Wave were able to attract for a particular period. I think that would make an interesting chart too.
Google+ is at 20 Million now.

*Edit put 2 million less.
Yes and both FB and Twitter helped G+ get there faster. Without the two G+ would not have had that trajectory 
Vabbè ma hai tempi social network nemmeno si sapeva cosa fosse... G+ era avvantaggiata, comunque 16g sono un buon risultato.
Amazing when you look at it this way .... Even though those 10 million g+ folks may not be as active as FB users yet.
Go Google go. This is amazing, but I think it won't go on like this
NY Ray
I hope all my friends move to g+,too.
Good infographic but not fair...both were startups growing organically while G+ had a bit of a brand behind.. 
Google makes all their money from ad revenue. That's how g+ will be monetized.
Fantastic: I hope google+ will become number 1 position in Social Networks...
My opinion is Google was already having a huge member base that helped them to grow amazingly by switching a few buttons on. Most of us were on the Google Plus social network already, but we just didn’t knew about it!
Here is a Chart for just G+ Growth:
Talk about opportunity... Behold the power of the Googles. Lol
Traue keiner Grafik/Statistik, die Du nicht selbst gefälscht hast. ;-)
Die Zahlen stimmen, aber ich hoffe, man interpretiert richtig und angemessen...
But this mean nothing.. G+ reach 10M in 16 days because of gmail.. Twitter and Facebook had to start from scratch ;-)
It's no surprise, in fact if that weren't the case it would be quite embarrassing for google.
wheres this statistic from?
Fascinating statistics, but G+ doesn't start from scratch, they already have millions of gmail users, thus making it easier to reach that amount of users in a very short time. Hopefully these users will start to get active on G+ and it will be fantastic!
Google must be really proud of this. I mean, it was kinda obvious they would have reached the top faster than Facebook and Twitter (for the simple fact that they already had a huge basewith Gmail and Picasa) but this is beyond believable.
doesn't count, coz most of the early adopters were already using gmail. Would be interesting to see how much time it too gmail to reach 10 million users.
Those growth rates are simply non comparable. Two years ago a largely minor percentage of people in the world was into "social networking", in 2011 nearly everybody has/knows facebook and the likes, and the birth of a new platform makes first page in the newspapers. Even more when the platform comes from a big name such Google.. same thing will happen with Microsoft, I bet.
When facebook started it was a U.S. thing and the world was simply non ready yet. ;-)
Impressive but somewhat unfair comparison. Google has build their client base over last 10 years or so, signing up 10mil in 16 days is result of well established consumer base. Still great service from great company hurray!!!
It 'll be nice if u put the data source on the chart
With Dario on this one, you can't compare a startup and a bedroom project to an initiative by the force majeur on the Internet.
Impressive...yes. But allowance should be made for Google's existing mammoth eco-system pre-launch.
It's due to exponential growth 
PJ Tan
Google owned.
This is the power of google......
really this is the fastest thing for now but dont know it may be broken when gmail+ is released
Amazing, it's worth having it and it deserves its success.
16 days?!! Incredible
it does't mean any thing, it's just because of other google's other product
it does't mean any thing, it's just because of other google's other product
عضو شدن دلیل بر محبوبیت نیست....
من خودم هم عضو شده ام ولی دوستش ندارم.
really awesome... bt still google+ needs to do lot of work to beat facebook and twitter
google+ has achieved this figure because it belongs to google and wich already has millions of users... Facebook and twitter has take long becoz dey were nt supported by any other online giants... so itz a wrong comparision
Facebook and Twitter made social media popular. G+ came in late when its popular.

I'm not saying this isn't impressive, but it's certainly easier for G+ to make an impact.
Guys, stats are so blinded these days... growth rate from cleaver sneaky ways is not a goodstat. How often do you actually use G+?when did you last update a status? do you even know how to use it? a growth stat vs an actual active usage stat is totally different. I wouldn't look at this graph as being impressive to me at all
This is a good example of how reality can be distorted with the right data.

You could also compare the time that took Motorola to sell 1000 mobile phones vs HTC, BenQ or Siemens.
The chart will be even more extreme.
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