A fairly creative take on a scene in the kofa mountain range. Visited the area with two pretty amazing guys, Marc Adamus and Mac Danzig. We went to catch the bristle brush bloom mixed with the lovable teddy bear cactus(cholla cactus). My focus was capturing a scene with the cholla cacti backlit by the rising sun, really their most interesting feature. They catch light like nothing else. The clouds in the sky were a bit funky looking, so I chose to go with a 4 min exposure to get them looking a little more interesting. I also did a ton of post work to the sky as well. Its a pretty far stretch from what it looked like, so it's a creative rendition, but a long exposure sky is not reality anyway, so whatever! Was also fortunate to have the sun pop up right in between the peaks. Complicated blend consisting of a 4 minute exposure for the sky, one for the sunstar(cleaned up a lot in post), and a focus stack for the foreground.

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