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Lance Strate
Author, Educator, Critic, Commentator, Scholar, Media Ecologist
Author, Educator, Critic, Commentator, Scholar, Media Ecologist

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Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate
So, I've shared in some previous posts the programs that I've run as president of the New York Society for General Semantics , and hey, just click on the old link to check out the website I set up for the NYSGS, and while you're there, you can subscribe for...

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A Look Back
So, as you may recall, I spent the Fall 2015 semester at Villanova University, with a visiting appointment as their Margaret E. and Paul F. Harron Endowed Chair in Communication, aka the Harron Family Chair. You can check out some of the blog posts I wrote ...

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How Netflix Is Deepening Our Cultural Echo Chambers
So, back on January 12th, I was quoted in The New York Times , which does not publish, as some would have it, all the fake news that's fit to print. The article first appeared online the day before, written by Farhad Manjoo, the title being How Netflix Is D...

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My Language Poetry
So, maybe you remember how I've been serving as president of the New York Society for General Semantics for the past year, and maybe you even subscribed for updates over on the NYSGS website. And if not, please feel free, you don't have to be in or anywhere...

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Whither Obama?
So, I know many of us are missing Barack Obama more and more every day, and he did say he was taking an extended, and well earned vacation. And he also said that when he gets back to work, he wants to help the Democrats do better in local and statewide poli...

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Post-Truth and Post-Reason
So, I was playing catch-up in posting 3 of my op-eds published in the Jewish Standard and online on my blog for their Times of Israel site previously, and was going to hold off until posting my most recent op-ed here on Blog Time Passing. But in light of re...

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Hanukkah Here and There!
Where would you spend the eight-day festival of Hanukkah, if you had to choose? Tel Aviv or Jerusalem? Paris, the "city of lights"?  At home, here in New Jersey, or across the Hudson in New York City?  Well, here are Tom Lehrer's thoughts on the matter: Whe...

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Strained Relations
I have one more op-ed to cat ch up on, this one appearing in the October 28th issue of the Jewish Standard , in conjunction with Halloween. T he title of the piece was chan ged to "Less Horrible Horror Series" which, in my view, is not all that much less th...

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Can You Hear Me Now?
Following up on my last post, here's another one of my op-eds from the Jewish Standard , this one published on September 2nd, just as the new school year was beginning: As I begin my 33rd year in higher education, I can’t help but notice that my students ar...

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Houdini Whodunit
So, seeing as I'm still playing cat ch-up, I figured I'd post one of my op-ed pieces from the Jewish Standard , this one published in the June 24th issue. And just so you know that I haven't been a total slacker as far as this sort of thing is concerned, I ...
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