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BackBox Linux 4.1 released! Security Auditing Distribution Release 4.1
ROOT: The Industrial Microwave bridge from Ceragon FibeAir IP-10  are defaulted with a common root password. What makes this a problem is these devices can be accessed remotely via "HTTP", SSH & Telnet. Used by many energy and public utilities - Recommended disabling open authentication (http/telnet) and using complex passwords - [CVE IDs: CVE-2015-0924] more details at CERT -
DEFCON 22 - Packet Hacking Village (Wall of Sheep _ Capture The Packet) 
Reassurance of Citadel Trojan anticipated by me, is now confirmed by Trend Micro....
In case you haven't had the luxury of getting OBC , now you can get scammed in the process
Obamacare is upon us, and already fraudsters are out to cheat people.With a lot of confusion about the health insurance marketplaces, consumers are receiving phone calls from people claiming to...
Secret ROYAL BABY  "Malware authors worldwide have been waiting ages for this,"  "Exclusive first pictures", "Secret video from inside delivery room"
Re: Chief Druid. As long as the Chief Druid is a proper Iron Age one, not the dreadful 19th century fantasy copies. Admittedly it might be tricky to get the human sacrifices cleared under European human rights legislation, and the sacred groves hung with the victims would breach a whole raft of ...
SCADA: Update for Siemens SCALANCE X-200IRT User Impersonation Vulnerability -   Siemens recommends upgrade to FW V5.2
SCADA: Schneider ETG3000 HMI Gateway has multiple vulnerabilities including Hard coded FTP credentials and unauthenticated access to config file "rde.jar" ~ 
Criminal groups have created a wide array of plug-ins capabilities, The “Black Energy” kit is providing new attack vectors.  A specific Ddos ARM/MIPS plugin is called weap_hwi. The Self destruct plug-in is called “dstr” short for destroy.
Black Energy Malware Attacks Critical Infrastructure Windows Linux ARM MIPS Detection, Mitigation
DEFCON 22 - Thats Right ! Capture The Packet Registration is now online and ready to go - Register yourself or your team of two - to compete in this Action packet, Cyber Thrill, Forensics intensive Challenge.  Are you a Malware Analysis expert ? Are you a network Guru ?, An Advanced Persistent Threat Aficionado ? Do you dream of Packets in bits and bytes ?  We are hold preliminary qualifying rounds on Thursday and Friday , semi finals and finals on Saturday!  Check our site for details:  or email me for details.   Also if you or your company are interested in sponsoring us please email me.
The most damaging of cost of malware is on business reputation.  If an online business, no matter how reputable, accidently distributes a virus, Google automatically flags it.
Most consumers believe the only cost associated with malware is a subscription to a reputable antivirus program like Norton, McAfee, AVG or Panda. That’s mostly true with individuals and residences, but in the business world, the cost goes far beyond that. In fact, the cost of malware on the world’s economy is more than the...
 One-third of the top 10 botnets are nearly a decade old. While efforts crippled botnets such as Mariposa – which consisted of eight to 12 million individual zombie computers
Thanks to willing accomplices and easytouse technology, the threat from linked computers is expanding, reports Karen Epper Hoffman.
Network & Security Engineer, Defcon, Malware Expert, CISSP....