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Lenny Versoza
Sometimes silences is more expressive than words
Sometimes silences is more expressive than words
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I've been hitting the gym hard in the past 3 months. All the hard work is surfacing now with my chest reaping the majority of the benefits :)


Its getting so hard to talk to you...

Training . Week one almost over. Loving the change of pace

Today is officially my Friday. But last night might as well have been the start to a wild weekend hah

Officially signed my own contract. Move into my new condo today after work :) -now to move all my junk

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The perfect way to end any busy work week. Long Island ICE TEEAAA

Spent the evening with a good friend before he leaves for UK this weekend. American pie was awesome :)

Condo looking yesterday and I think I might be moving come midweek. Lets see how this goes.

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We’ve been hearing the rumors for months now, and now Samsung has gotten official with the newest member of its Galaxy line of smartphones, the Galaxy S III.

The phone has a 4.8” touchscreen, 8-megapixel rear-facing and 1.9 mexapixel forward-facing camera, and comes running the latest version of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich. Much like the HTC One X, the camera has zero shutter lag so you can capture photos instantly. The camera is also capable of taking 20 photos at once in burst mode, and a feature called “Best Photo” will pick the best shot out of a group of eight.

The NFC-capable Galaxy S III has a HD Super AMOLED (1280×720) screen, offering more subpixels than a Super AMOLED screen resulting in improved colors as well as better visibility in bright situations.
Will you buy?

Got the courage to tell my housemate im moving out by the 15th. Feeeeeling gooood.
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