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breathing in & breathing out
For the most part, our days have fallen into the new rhythm of the fresh year. Filled with the familiar routines of breakfast, the school run, laundry and hanging out washing, cooking meals and eager little hands pulling up stools to the work counters to he...

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side by side
    Life is so busy, unfailingly busy. We’re always in a rush,
flying from one thing to the next. Dashing out of the door in the mornings to
get to school on time, then maybe errands or on to swimming lessons and hastily
heading home for a couple of hours t...

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and so it begins...
Regardless of how the twelve months preceding it went, I always look forward to a new year. Maybe it's because I'm an eternal optimist, but I really appreciate the chance to take stock of how life is travelling and identify any areas which could use some at...

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a mother's guilt
In the same way that when you're pregnant for the first time, no-one ever thinks to mention to you that approximately three months after giving birth there's a good chance that about 40% of your hair will fall out in handfuls every time you shower, I never ...

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taking stock
A little snapshot of life as it is right now, because its fun to look back one day and remember. Making : A mobile to hang above Pearls cot, from driftwood and tiny ceramic birds, a ceramic leaf and a tiny ceramic toadstool. Cooking: Lots of roast chicken, ...

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let the sisterhood unite
Us women, we are so hard on ourselves. And sometimes, each other. And when children come into the equation, this is only intensified ten fold. So many expectations to strive towards; rearing the most well-rounded children, being a text book wife or partner,...

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reading material
  As much as I love to have my head buried in a novel whenever possible, I also appreciate a good non-fiction read too. I've never really been drawn to self-help bibles and generally steered clear of the majority of run-of-the-mill parenting manuals, prefer...

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the divinity of ordinary things
    The times they indeed are a-changin, as Bob Dylan declared in his famous song. The past few decades have seen the excess and decadence of the eighties, the huge technological and online advances during the nineties, followed by the recession and financi...

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these are the days
The laughter, the chaos, the trails of toys. The crumbs, grubby faces and sticky, jam coated fingers. The endless laundry and the tiny baby clothes hanging out on the line. The great days and the darker days with tear stained cheeks. The mistakes and the pr...

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the happy mundane #5
I briefly considered naming this gratitude list 'The Birthday Edition' or 'The Flu edition' or 'The School Holidays Edition'. All of which are relevant seeing as in the past week I've celebrated my 31st birthday which coincided with the first day of the two...
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