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Something is terribly wrong. I've it halfway through the Steam winter sale and only spent 7$ - and half of that was to buy Plants vs. Zombies for my parents!

Have I suddenly become immune to Valve's siren call? One can only hope.

Annnnnnnnnnd back to Wisconsin. I <3 home.

Every time I see maintenance workers walk through the airport terminal I prepare myself for a Die Hard2: Die Harder moment. Is that weird?

Starting day 4 of my Texas adventure. I just want to go home. Can I go home now?

All odds to the contrary, my head-start for Old Republic started promptly at 8AM this morning. Which is great, because I'm sitting in large auditorium waiting for an Office 365 Deployment training to begin. In Texas. Mgrgrgsrggl.

Curious. Both the Force Unleashead AND FU2 (ha HA!) have significantly lower Metacritic scores today, now that they're massively sale-priced on Steam, than they did when I originally looked at buying them six months ago. ಠ_ಠ

Somehow during my machine rebuild I managed to lose a 100gb archive folder called, oddly enough, "archives". Frak.

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I'll just leave this here.

>>You have been selected to be one of the first people to play and give feedback on >>Tribes: Ascend, the fast-paced action shooter from Hi-Rez Studios.

God dammit, Taco. How am I going to go live with Old Republic, test MMOTRIBES and stay employed?

First World Sophie's Choice. :(

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