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What's your opinion of this office's pratices?
Patients Should Not Have to Cope with Unfamiliar TechnologyYes, I know computers are efficient, but a medical office for emergency or urgent care should not assume all patients, especially the old or sick, can use modern technology. ...
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Barbara Radisavljevic

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A rare sight?
I must admit that just when I think I have seen it all something will just show up.I am driving 85 miles per hour in the fast lane on I-20 and I look in the rear view mirror and I seen a motor cycle coming up in the middle lane. I was thinking "They sure are driving fast."Next thing I know he PASSES me!And what I seen was the first ever so I said " is that a dog?!" Tony said "hell yeah!"I said " Tony get the camera, that is my picture of the day,...
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Barbara Radisavljevic

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What activities could you do without to make time for more important things?
I think just about everyone is guilty of saying at one point or another "I'm too busy". But are you really? Are you really too busy to find 15 minutes to go for a walk a few times a week, or have time for a hobby you enjoy? ...
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As I found out this afternoon, things aren't always what they seem. 
I Wanted to Photograph the SkyAfter I walked to the mailbox this afternoon, I knew I needed to get my camera to photograph the clouds in the sky. It's hard to choose just one photo to show you, but I chose this one. It seemed to be the most dramatic. ...
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Where did all of last year go? Usually I do housework on a rainy day, a reason I love Arizona with its 350+ days of sun! 
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We used our photo albums this way. Our kids used to pour over them as we remembered past trips and other family activities. These photos gave our adopted children a history even extending back to their time with their birth family and foster homes before they arrived at our home.
As I was driving to work today, I decided to put in my Disneyland CD's. The first was actually a Disney California Adventure Park (DCA) CD. I purchased it back in 2007 or so, back when they still had Golden Dreams. These CD's...
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Oh yes we also used photos this way....and video...we looked over and over again...I imagine someday my kids will look again, right now it makes them sad because they can't got in the way...
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Barbara Radisavljevic

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Have you ever seen rice fields in your life? ...
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Barbara Radisavljevic

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Did National Clean Off Your Desk Day Slip By You, Too?
I Didn't Even Think about Cleaning My Desk Until Now Today was actually a designated national day to clean up our desks. I've been so busy playing nurse to Hubby's flu today and picking up his prescriptions and walking by the river while I waited for them t...
National Clean Off Your Desk Day Slipped right by me this year. If it slipped by you, too, here's help.
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I use this most often for screen shots.
The Snipping Tool is an application for Windows 7-10. This tool is great! I wrote a Niume posts a short time ago and was told my picture could use a little adjusting by a friend of mine. My friend ask me if I knew about the Snipping Tool. I told her I did not know about the tool.I found a video with a woman instructor on that teaches how to use,'The Snipping Tool.' She did a great job of explaining it, and now I am confident each and every time ...
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Barbara Radisavljevic

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Do you have any experiences you want to share that are related?
I Try to Stay Healthy ...
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Eat fruit first princess i believe that will be a good place to start
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Barbara Radisavljevic

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Where Did This Day Go?
The Day Has Disappeared I don't know where it went. I know where the sun went, but my time seems to have just disappeared with it.  What Happened During Daylight? I slept much too late and had barely finished breakfast by noon. The rain kept coming down, an...
Time flew by too fast today. I will have to stuff the rest of my chores into the early morning again.
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Barbara Radisavljevic

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What do you have troulbe parting with?
~~ There is nothing like a marathon of Hoarders on A&E to get me motivated. ~~New year, new me? No, I cannot go as far as to say "new me" but I will make a better me this year, and how do I know this? Because I have determination, even when I doubt myself that drive to make it is there, don`t give up I tell myself, there is always light at the end of that tunnel.I cleaned up before the new year got here, I wanted to have a nice clean place to lou...
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I have lived in and loved California my entire life and now reside on its beautiful Central Coast. The longer I live in San Luis Obispo’s North County, the more contented I become here. Most of my waking hours when I'm  not occupied with chores,  you will find me blogging, reading, walking around with my camera in hand, tending my garden, or dabbling in the local art scene. I hate shopping, and do it only if we will starve if I don't.

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I've been married to the same man for over fifty years and we have loved and been bereaved of two adopted children.
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