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Desk Clock Plus... a full featured Android Clock App.
Desk Clock Plus... a full featured Android Clock App.

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There seems to be a new issue with the weather... I'll try to investigate that this week.

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So there's an issue with the location lookup. Something on the Yahoo end I was using has gone away. Here's a snippet of an email that I've been sending out.

I was able to recreate the issue on my phone although I can't debug the code because I started a new job a while back and don't have the tools on my machine. Yahoo's weather service uses this thing called a Where On Earth ID (WOEID)s the reason being that apparently Latitudes and longitudes change over time. Where as this assigned WOEID will be constant... seems odd and over kill, but I'm sure someone thinks it's a good idea. What is supposed to happen is that when the phone gets a Lat & Long I translate that into a WOIED using this Yahoo Query API (which looks to be the problem) and then the WOIED is sent to the Weather and we're all good. The Query API isn't returning a result so I'm forced to stop.

Now for good news, when you set the static location the WOEID is part of that response (or responses) and is stored in the settings. The problem is that there's probably not a value for next option under weather properties "Use Static Location". When I hit that none of the options were selected. When I selected Always and backed out, the weather loaded instantly. As long as you've set your static location then set "Use Static Location" to always and you should be good.

I have to find a fix for the issue and get everything installed and working before I can make an update... unfortunatly, I don't have an ETA.

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A post that explains that not all strings were created equal according to java.  

Long and short of it is, a new version has been published that will fix the in-app purchasing issues.

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273 Days
So... last post here was (as you guessed) 273 days ago and yes, with this post comes an update to Desk Clock Plus.  However, it's pretty minor and probably doesn't affect most people other than me.  Back in January, Google deprecated version 2 of the in app...

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So, there's a couple of small fixes to Desk Clock Plus and a Blog post that goes with it...

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Alright... time to start over again...

So, I've gotten an email and I see some comments about the weather not working?  Has anyone else seen this?

Looks to be working on my VZW Nexus (4.2)... Haven't tried on my tablet yet.

Sorry for the delay, but the issue reported by +Bob Sterrett and +G. Lamar Wilkie has been resolved.  Took me a little bit to find this line in the Android Documentation:

Five-count patterns (such as "MMMMM") used for the shortest non-numeric representation of a field were introduced in Jelly Bean MR2 (API level 18).

As you can guess, I had both the Day of the Week and Month names using the "Five-count" pattern as per the JAVA documentation.

The update will be in the market shortly or you can download the latest version from the link below.
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