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So far this year, two large US hospitals and Lincolnshire County Council have suffered major business impacts (outages, loss of revenue, ransom costs etc) as the result of ransomware attacks.

This is a shame as very basic security controls can stop ransomware dead in its tracks. Good IT Service Management and a robust IT Security policy will prevent 80%+ of attacks.

For the rest, have a realistic incident response plan and STICK TO IT. Dont panic.

Security doesn't have to be complicated, so dont fall for the fear around Ransomware and over-react. 

Just have good security controls....

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Last week Lincolnshire County Council was hit by a ransomware attack which appears to have been enough to take almost all electronic systems offline for six days. 

This is a terrible example of cyber resilience and every organisation (no matter the size) should be prepared for trivial, script kiddie attacks like ransomware.

Cyber Essentials would have helped an awful lot here.

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"All nations have a part to play in keeping our world safe for all people -- regardless of age, background, or belief. During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, let us recognize the victims of trafficking, and let us resolve to build a future in which its perpetrators are brought to justice and no people are denied their inherent human rights of freedom and dignity." President Barack Obama 

Presidential Proclamation - National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month: 

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There are three essential elements for any #infosec  team:
1) good internal team
2) good external consultants
3) good testers

If you get this in place, your security will go from strength to strength.

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Our Digital Forensics partner company has refreshed their website to provide a responsive site where people can quickly get their contact details.

If you need data recovery, evidence collection, investigation support or any other forensic and incident response services get in touch with Adeptio Solutions today!

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Very interesting write up on the Sony hack, one year later.

Some key lessons:

1) Sony had very poor incident response processes.
2) The Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity services failed dismally in this situation.
3) Sony was entirely dependant on the Federal law enforcement agencies for containing, investigating and responding to this attack.

All three are examples of very bad security management processes.

#security   #infosec  

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No matter how hard you try, eventually an attacker will get through and your incident response team will be tested. This is a fact of life - on the internet, in cyberspace and in the real world.

To deal with this, you need a well trained and resourced CSIRT and, when you have this, you need to make sure they engage with the correct stakeholders across your business.

Without this, even the best skilled team will struggle to deliver.
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