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Cie Grant wishing the Buckeyes luck.

Well, I don't know what the rest of you thought, but OSU vs MSU turned out to be one crazy game, and a blast to watch.  Lots of scoring, lots of crazy penalties.

But still, B1G will get no respect.  In that, we are always united.

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Yeah, Archie!

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"The punt is the most important play of the game."  JT

Loving Pi Lo Chun.

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I would choose #4.  It looks like a cover shot.  LeBron looks like he's floating, he's well-centered, and the ref and fans are visible.  That shot makes me feel like I'm there.

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616. I cut it off. 

I never cared much for word search puzzles.  Always more likely to play Scrabble or work crossword puzzles.  Then I found Word Hero, a competitive word search android app.  Best android game I've ever played!
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