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C'mon Webkit Guys you can do it!!
Mozilla bug 522607 is now marked as RESOLVED FIXED. Firefox will support the "four-value" background-position syntax introduced in CSS3.

Bug 522607 - [css3-background] Accept background-position values like "bottom 10px right 10px"

In CSS2 you only can specify a position from the top left corner. If you want to place a background-image 16px from the bottom and 20px from the right, you only can achieve using <percentage> values with a bit of math. In CSS3 you only need to write "right 20px bottom 16px". Sweet!

CSS3 background-position has been supported in Opera since Opera 11.00 and Internet Explore since IE9. Firefox now comes in third.
What about Webkit? Not yet.
The latest css3-background revision augments <bg-position> with a notation for specifying fixed offsets from somewhere other than the upper right-hand corner of the box. We currently don't s...
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