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+Carnival Cruise Lines, why can't I bring bottled water on your ships (anymore)? Too much lost profit?

You owe me a case of Dasani!

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Could someone please explain to me what it is that the Raber's did that caused them to be written about (in German) so much more frequently during the 1940?

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Just going to leave this here. 

The incompetence of the customer service at +Priceline is astounding.  Do yourself a favor and steer clear of them.

Did a 60% water change in my African Chiclid aquarium last night.  Used my new water test kit to test and adjust the new water.  Here's some info regarding the water out of the tap in Bossier City, LA.

dGH = 8 (aka 142 ppm) (ref 1)
gKH = 4 (aka 71 ppm) (ref 2)
pH = 7.6
Nitrate = 0 ppm

This means that Bossier City has Moderately Hard Water. (I did not know)


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Dolphins are crazy!

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Coronal Mass Ejection, with Earth for Scale.


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If you've never watched it, you should.

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