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A style loving blogger

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  I must apologies for my lack of content up on of late, I have been both extremely busy and away celebrating my sisters wedding! It was the most amazing long weekend away and I am so very happy for both my sister and her now husband. The amou...

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Bold Prints
At the best of times I avoid prints, unless it's a simple stripe! However lately I have been feeling that I should dabble in something a little more. I have had these particular pants in my wardrobe for quite sometime now and feel I have never really rocked...

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Australia Day!
After just one day of work so far this week it's already time for a day off. It's Australia Day of course, a perfect day to catch up with family & goods friends to reflect on just how lucky we are to be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the w...

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Doing things a little different this week. I'm up in Darwin putting my Visual Merchandising skills to the test while trying my best to stay out this crazy, humid weather that Darwin does so well. In todays post I'm wearing my favourite  R.M. Williams  boots...

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Back in Swing
After a great New Year's and even better 10 days of relaxation, I'm back into the swing of all things Visual Merchandising! I'm rather enjoying being back at work as I am one of those people that can get a little fidgety after more than a couple of days off...

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Xmas aftermath
Oh how I enjoy the festive season; from the weather, to the people, to the food! Which is exactly why I have quickly kicked my health regime back into gear. I have been eating super healthy for the past five to six months, along with exercising at least 5 t...

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Heat Wave
It's roughly 40 degrees today in Melbourne and o n days like this t here is only one thing to worry about, how will I survive  what can I wear to a christmas event that will look good while not allowing me to suffer heat stroke! In todays post I have the an...

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I have just come off the end of an absolute birthday bender, which means I need to get back to taking better care of myself through; exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep! Over the past couple of months I have been really focused on getting my b...

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Peak on point
If there is one accessory I look forward to purchasing each year, it would have to be a hat for Summer. This year I kept it basic with this simple Brixton hat, although it's black, it is made of a super light weight fabric. With the warmer weather fast appr...

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Rays for days
Out of all the brands I work with I would have to say Assembly is one of my favourites. With their perfect fits, understated prints & subtle details, I always seem to find a couple of must have items from each collection. With the busy weekend I have just h...
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