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Colin Keigher
It's like Facebook but not quite as evil.
It's like Facebook but not quite as evil.

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Running AFL on Bash for Windows
Recently I wrote about using Virtual Machine Manager in Bash on Windows (or Windows Subsystem for Linux aka "WSL"), and since then I have been playing around with getting other utilities I use in a native Linux environment. One utility is American Fuzzy Lop...

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Anti-virus is worthless
I get a kick out of reading reactions by the anti-virus industry , rose-coloured glasses views from academia , or anecdotes from those who work in the IT industry whenever someone writes a constructive criticism of anti-virus solutions. Let me put it out th...

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Windows 10, Virtual Machine Manager, and KVM
I really, really like the fact that Microsoft has embraced Linux in the form of releasing Ubuntu on Windows . To me, it's probably the first Linux on the desktop solution that was as good as using Linux itself without having to worry about using virtualizat...

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Going viral on Imgur with Powershell and PNG
A few months ago, Kaspersky put out some research into using PNGs to distribute malicious payloads  where malware authors had been embedding PE files into the images themselves. The give-away that something was amiss was the images had a 63x48 pixel resolut...

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A follow up on Vancouver Hack Space
A few weeks ago, I penned an entry on my thoughts about the direction Vancouver Hack Space (VHS) had gone and what lead to my decision to ultimately leave it. My opinion about the matter has not changed but there were comments left and I would like to reply...

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Shutting down Canario
On December 16th, I intend to shut down Canario (formerly Canary)--and by “Canario”, I mean the service, not the company, of which I will explain later. The reasons for this are simple: I am starting a new project in the new year and unfortunately cannot pu...

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Why I left Vancouver Hack Space
I recently became aware a fellow former member of Vancouver Hack Space (VHS)'s blog post about alternatives to the hackerspace in light of it becoming a rather toxic environment. A few years ago, I had penned a draft piece about why I chose to leave but nev...

Post has attachment is not new and is an outright scam
As evident in this KickStarter and this other one , we've seen countless snake oil being peddled to helpless people who are only looking to protect themselves on the Internet. Well, this time we have a product called DataGateKeeper  (DGK), and they're looki...

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My "new" blog funded by Canadian government "grant cheques"
It's often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, I did not expect to ever see my name used to promote some grant scheme where one could make $17,438.27 in just under two weeks. During a random search, I came across a YouTube accoun...

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This Medium post about Wireshark is the result of poor system hygene
Ross Hosman posted this Medium entry complaining that 1Password  exposes user data via the loopback interface in an unencrypted format. Ross was nice enough to provide a "TL;DR": TL:DR 1Password sends your password in clear text across the loopback interfac...
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