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The module instructions say to post here about the IRB application. We received approval of it, which I forwarded to everyone, and will be sending out our surveys tomorrow. We can begin looking at the data after Friday, the deadline for participating in the surveys.

We got this.

I'm bad at not deleting texts so I wanted to clarify our topics here so she can see them too :)

I'm gonna look at: Impact these standards have had on kids.
Kelsey's looking at: teacher perception of implementing the standards
Kaylyn's looking at: Changes schools have had to make

When we get our discussion posts ready to submit, we were gonna upload them here to get some peer review before turning them in.

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Method link

1) Here's the link I started for the methodology assignment.

2) Here's the link for a document I made so we can look at the questions we want on the survey. I'll start throwing some out there, if you'll look at them and add your own.

3) I think we should make the survey on Google. I started one to see what it was like. After we pick the questions, we can just type them onto this and call it good. This has to be done before the IRB application.

4) Here's the link for our IRB Application when we're ready to edit it.

If there's a better way to do all this, let me know!
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