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After the long anticipation.... released GeoWorld 3.1.1 
Released GeoWorld 3.1.1

New Features:

* Refreshed UI
* Saving of transformed coordinates in database and displaying on the map (works for TXT/CSV files also).
* Map can show markers with both the source and target coordinates of the transformation.
* Auto-saving of transformations with a toggle in Preferences.
* Altitude above Mean Sea Level is displayed for manual transformations too.
* The GPS view now show GPS latitude and longitude (useful in case both the Source and Target SRS are non-geographic).

User Manual:

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GeoWorld released! Android app for advanced coordinate transformations.

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That feeling when a very nasty bug you think you have fixed long ago reappeared day after the release and you totally forgot what to do to fix it!

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The only difference between a tablet and a PC is how much your experience is controlled by somebody else.  For people who want to call themselves FREE, the tablet is a mere extension of the PC, not a replacement.  

I was not nor will I ever be fooled into believing that "The Cloud" is anything but an attempt to control the end user and invade personal privacy.  No longer are you the End User, nor The Customer.  What you become is a consumer of media, a valued commodity that large corporations pay big money for.  Your heart and your soul are for sale while they get to control what you see and hear, all while sifting through your files.  

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The story of my life!


I hate ProGuard!

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