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Google+ page for Initial D World, a website created by Perry Jin Liu in August 2000 about the popular Japanese anime and manga called Initial D.
Google+ page for Initial D World, a website created by Perry Jin Liu in August 2000 about the popular Japanese anime and manga called Initial D.

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We would like to wish everyone a great start in the year 2017 !!

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» Happy New Year 2017 3D Vector |

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» 頭文字D画集(Young Magazine Special Edition) page 206~207

#initiald #ae86 #trueno #fujiwara #takumi #takumifujiwara #happynewyear #2017 #anime #manga #hachiroku #頭文字D

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A model car enthusiast goes by the name of qingcheqifan (清澈启凡) has recreated tofu shop storefront in miniature scale, complete with the Project.D AE86. This is honestly the coolest thing ever.

The 1:18 scale AE86 is by AUTOart and is readily available on the official website and Amazon. What made this stand out is the efforts and attention to details he put in it. Rigging the model car with LED is no small feat. Creating the storefront with accurate signage from scratch is probably the most difficult part. Many hours were spent on researching movie stills from the Live Action movie and cross referencing frames from manga. The end result is truly impressive.

Qingcheqifan also recorded a video showcasing this. Don't forget to check it out!

| AUTOart 1/18 Project.D AE86 |
» Official Website |
» Amazon |

| Video Link |
» Initial D Toyota Sprinter Trueno(AE86) |

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» AE86豆腐店 模型 场景 还原 |
» 清澈启凡 微博 |
» AUTOart 1:18 Scale Project.D AE86 |

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Have you had a chance to check out the Initial D Legend 3 movie? For those of you who've seen the final installment of the trilogy, be honest, how do you like it? Did you like the new graphics? How about the new character design?

Do you prefer the art style in First Stage from 1998 or this very detailed character design in Legend 3 from 2016? Take Mako and Sayuki for example, they showed up in the last episode of First Stage to watch the final battle between Takumi and Ryosuke.

For me personally, it feels more "lively" in the old style. There is a "robotic" feel to this new style. Maybe it just takes some time to get used to it. The racing sequence is purposely "choppy" or "laggy" to convey the impact and shock it gives off. However, it doesn't do it for me.

When I compare racing sequence from First Stage and the Legend series, I prefer First Stage for its fluid and fast-pace sequence. Never mind the out-of-date 3DCG, First Stage as a whole just outshine the Legend series in almost every aspect. Do you agree? Leave your comments below!

| Source |
» Screenshot from Initial D First Stage ACT.26「新ダウンヒル伝説!」"The New Downhill Legend!"
» Screenshot from Initial D Legend 3: Dream

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Remember that scene from First Stage when Bunta used a full tank of gas as incentve for Takumi to race Redsun's Keisuke? It's such a big deal for Takumi that he got all serious considering it. (laughs)

Base on the dialog, we learned that a full summer of working as a gas station attendant earn them ¥120,000 (~$1,400 USD with 1995 exchange rate) From the research we did in this post (, on average a liter of gasoline costs anywhere from $1.02 to $1.25. AE86 has a 50-liter gas tank. A full tank of gas will cost about $50 or about 1.5 days worth of work.

So, imagine buying a full tank of gas will cost you how much you make in one day, I think it'll put a smile on anyone's face when someone say they will cover that cost for you.

The more you know!

| Sources |
» Cheap Initial D Gasoline? |
» Screenshots from Initial D First Stage ACT.1「究極のとうふ屋ドリフト」"The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift"
» Screenshots from Initial D First Stage ACT.3「ダウンヒルスペシャリスト登場」"The Downhill Specialist Appears"

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Do you collect figurines? How about figurines base on characters from Initial D? We stumbled upon this Mako figurine while checking for new Initial D merchandise. Apparently, this is a promo product for Initial D Legend 3. Yup, sex sells.

They even got race queen Nanami Tsukamoto(塚本奈々美)to cosplay as Mako in their latest promotion effort for the new movie. Take a guess at how much they are selling the figurine for. Go ahead, take a guess. I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of cash, check out the order links below if you do!

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新劇場版「頭文字D」Legend 3《夢現》Initial D New Movie Legend 3 "Dream" is now available in raw. Check out the links in the discussion thread here: English subs will come, please be considerate and don't ask for it. It'll be available soon. With that said, check out the amazing blu-ray quality of Legend 3 now!

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Wait, is that.. Bunta?! Have our wishes been granted? Is this the Initial D Prequel?! Unfortunately, that is not the case. You are looking at one of Shigeno-san's previous works「トンネルぬけたらスカイ☆ブルー」(Tunnel Nuketara Sky*Blue) before Initial D.

First published in January 1992, Tunnel Nuketara Sky Blue is a story about Ishizaka Toshihiko (石坂俊彦), a high school senior student, who drives an AE86 Sprinter Trueno. If you think Toshihiko uses the car for racing, you're going to be disappointed. The story is not about street racing. It's mainly about how Toshihiko deals with his attraction towards two different girls, Chiharu (ちはる) and Maari (真亜理).

Toshihiko must decide — will it be Chiharu, who is very much attracted to him; or will it be Maari, who already has a boyfriend..? It's your typical romance novels, it's rather cheesy. And after you read it, you'll finally understand why almost every relationship ends in failure in Initial D. Oh! The story does have one race in it, AE86 vs Z32 Fairlady Z. I won't spoil the result, but let's just say Shigeno used this story to test the water in automotive street racing genre.

The artwork is decent but the story is a bit too short. The whole series contains only one volume. Definitely worth checking it out!

| Sources |
» Amazon Order Link |
» 講談社コミックプラス |
» トンネルぬけたら スカイ☆ブルー |
» トンネル抜けたら… |

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Greetings, Initial D World.

Our co-admin Alex has made a video dedicated to 86 from Initial D. For many years, Alex always wanted to make videos of his AE86 replica and he finally made it happen. He wants to share this wonderful tribute with all the fans around the world. This marks the debut of a new YouTube channel he's working on that will mainly focus on automotive and all things Japanese.

Check out the video here: and don't forget to subscribe!

» YouTube |
» Instgram |

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InitialP 頭文字P, an interactive platform for sharing information of driving, created this 2-minute long video as a tribute to Initial D. The quality of the movie is marvelous. You can tell a lot of efforts went into producing this.

With efforts like this, it's hopeful that Initial D will be kept alive for a long time even if there are no new official release. The fans make the series and we strongly believe efforts like this shouldn't go unnoticed.
There are some photos associated with this video, check them out here:

| Source |
學車資訊平台-頭文字P - 主頁 |

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On 2016.3.19, we organized an invite-only photoshoot at Benicia Point, CA. The location is absolutely beautiful for the shoot. We had the AE86, FD, FC, EG6, EVO4, EVO5 and the Impreza for the lineup. We tried to reenact a scene from Second Stage where the 86 pass the EVO4 after using the gutter run. It looks very cool and we hope you like it. Enjoy!

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