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You need to be one of those people who *DO* in order to progress
You need to be one of those people who *DO* in order to progress

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Making progress, more Google Analytics space needed!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen of FTC, we are live with scores on our live site. You can find both divisions here:

These scores will update about ever 2 minutes, the page SHOULD refresh every 60 seconds. Rankings, Match Results, Match Schedules, and Team Information are all available to you here!

All 4 super-regional events are now available on the yellow alliance.  We're working towards getting dual-division finals integrated so that ALL matches are available!

Attention fans and users of The Yellow Alliance.  We have begun the process of migrating the site to a different server, which will better serve the requests that we have been seeing.  URLs will be changing, so please be aware that some links may break.  We appreciate your patience as we transition the site to be more reliable and able to add more data.

A positive of this change is that we are now capable of adding dual-division events to the site, allowing us to see the Super Regional events, as well as the State Championships of the states who hosted larger events.  More updates to come in the future!

Working up the strength to begin to finally transfer over to the new website/system.  Look out for a link in the next few days

We've finally figured out how to set up dual-division events! This means that within a few days, we'll hopefully be able to have ALL events with proper data uploaded to +The Yellow Alliance. Take special note that there may be some down time while this transition takes place, but we will try to minimize this downtime as much as possible. We thank you for your patience with this process.

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Looking to the future, how many teams have a twitter account, facebook page, G+ page, or website that they would like to promote on The Yellow Alliance?

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Championship data from the Illinois FTC State Championship has been added 

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