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Curtiss Grymala
Higher Ed Web professional, occasional blogger, Windows Phone user and more
Higher Ed Web professional, occasional blogger, Windows Phone user and more

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Changing my avatar in support of Web standards. #bbd14

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Did Google+ need polls? Regardless, here they are, apparently.
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Yes, they're amaze-balls
No, not really

So, apparently I either accidentally updated the Mail app in #Windows8, or it finally automatically updated itself. This means my Calendar is completely useless now.

Has anyone found any reasonable solutions for using multiple +Google calendars, alongside of an Exchange account and an (formerly known as "Hotmail" or "Windows Live") account on Windows 8.1?

Google's official suggestion seems to be to stop using MS products altogether, and Microsoft's official suggestion is to stop using Google Apps and move everything into Neither of those is an acceptable solution.

At this point, the only places I can actually use my calendar the way I need it to be are on my Windows Phone and on my iPad (Apple supports both Google and MS services, while Android won't support the MS services I need, and MS won't support the Google services I need).

This has been an issue for over a year, now. Why are Google & MS still having this fight; can't one of them come up with a solution that doesn't actually hurt the consumer?

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My daughter +Sierra Morgan  stretching her creative muscles for #MothersDay  The nerd is strong in this one.

Is it just me (or possibly one of my Chrome extensions), or does clicking the top of the screen in +Google+ no longer take you to the top of the page?

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This is a neat auto-awesome panorama of a 360-degree view from my front porch.

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This is a pretty cool #AutoAwesome  feature. Made a panoramic image of a few shots I took.

Is there any way to have #Picasa  and/or +Google+ automatically remove location info from photos before syncing an album to the web?

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Starting an album of the photos from winter storm "Pax" here at my house.
Snowpocalypse Pax 2014
18 Photos - View album
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